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    Supreme court verdict on Mullaperiyar issue declared.

    Supreme Court has declared the law passed by Kerala Assembly in 2006 as unconstitutionalthrough a verdict announced today, May 7, 2014. The Law was to constitute a Dam Safety Authority to prevent Tamil Nadu from raising the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam from 135 ft to 142 ft. The judgement came from a five-judge Constitution Bench of Chief Justice Lodha and four other judges. The Court said through the Law passed by Kerala was interfering with the rights of Tamil Nadu and restrained Kerala from enforcing the Law.

    The Bench appointed a three-member committee with chairman of the Central Water Commission as the chairperson and representatives from the States of Kerala and Tamil Nadu to supervise and ensure that the water level in the Mullaperiyar dam was raised up to 142 ft. To safeguard the apprehensions of Kerala, the Bench said that the committee should make periodic inspection of the dam. Kerala Government was directed to allow Tamil Nadu to carry out repair works and take all other steps for the safety of the dam.

    On a suit in 2006 filed by Tamil Nadu the apex court had permitted the State to raise the water level from 136 to 142 ft. Against this Kerala enacted the Law for constituting Dam Safety Authority preventing Tamil Nadu from the raising of water level. This new verdict based on a fresh suit filed by Tamil Nadu.
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    Supreme Court verdict on Mullaperiyar dam is proved that the Kerala's claim is baseless and unwarranted.

    As far as Kerala's economy is concerned, raising the water level to 142ft and giving more water to Tamil Nadu is benificial because mejority of the agricultural produce are coming from that state.If the dam can hold more water and can discharge more water to Tamil Nadu, we can expect more agricultural produce from there

    Regarding dam safety issue,expert commitee report clearly states that the dam is safe structurally,seismically and hydrologically in all aspects

    Kerala's point of de-commissioning of such a big dam is impractical and construction of a new dam at geologically vulnourable state like Kerala invite disaster

    Political leaders are inciting the people and creating fear psychosis among the public for personal gains.

    Now after the verdict,they are calling hartal,bandhs etc to disrupt the public life and harassing the people

    We can constitute a seperate indepentant technical commitee to ascertain the vulnourability of the dam and explore the ways to strengthen it

    Also, we can explore the possibility of power generation from this facility as a value addition

    Big infrastructure facilities are not belongs to any particular group of people or any particular state,it belongs to the entire nation. There are big dams and power houses shared by countries. When two countries can work together why cannot two states?

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