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    Rate of participation in forum discussions not encouraging

    Looking through the Forum section, I feel the number of persons participating in forum discussion is on the decrease. No new issues are posted in this section, it seems. Even a new thread is posted reactions are either nil or less. From January this year till this date I have posted 44 threads. Of these 8 threads are completely neglected by the members. In the case of others also one or two reactions are only there.
    I am sure this will be the opinion of others who are in the habit of asking questions through this section. What exactly we can do to attract more members to this section, which actually is an open forum, where one can react openly on most of the subjects.
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    It is evidently sure that this site do not have much participations in the forum. I believe the site webmaster should do something about this immediately so that the site will be active once again. The webmaster should think of better programme that can encourage member to participate actively on this site.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Perhaps by introducing more award tags we can expect more participation. Or is it that there is not much to discuss about Kerala.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    It is true that the number of posts and responses contributed by our members are very less. There is no shortage in topics related to Kerala. If you take the daily newspaper then you will find out lots and lots of new issues and events happening in Kerala. Very few find time in forum sections. Its not the fault of members because members find this section as useless one. There is no benefit by contributing in forum section rather to raise their points. The points that you get by 10 forum posts can be easily attained by posting one single article with cash prize. Then why forum posts ?

    More rewards have to be introduced which will drive members automatically to post in this. I was also a regular contributor in forum section but slowly lost interest to it as no members are active and responses are very weak. So please do something to resolve this problem. Hoping for the best.

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