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    Antibiotic resistance: Threat to humanity.

    A future is very near in which even the most common infections and minor injuries can kill everybody.
    A warning is issued by World Health Organizations (WHO) in its Global report on the growing ability of bacteria to resist antibiotics. With little research is being done on new antibiotics and with existing antibiotics being ineffective against increasingly deadly superbug strains, time could be quickly running out.
    It is reported that Pharmaceutical companies are struggling to make money by selling the antibiotics and, if monetary incentives such as grants are not offered to these companies to develop new antibiotics, situation will turn out to be one of the worst health crisis the modern world has ever faced.
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    I have heard of this earlier but it was in the case of ants. This is the result of mutations. Mutation is referred to a physical permanent changes occurring gradually in due course of life. Mutation is the reason for such resistance for bacterias, virus, etc. against antibiotics.

    Take the case of ants itself. 'DDT' was an effective chemical to kill ants but gradually they acquired resistance against it due to mutation. Thus its better not to allow the excess use of chemicals which can cause such permanent resistance. Scientists should do detailed study on how to solve this problem as its practically not possible to create new new chemicals which would kill such bacterias.

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