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    Are the reservations given to lower communities appreciable ?

    We can see reservations in all forms of present life. People who are under lower casts have great considerations. Even in the case of promotions, reservation are applied and thus highly talented and deserving people in general class are suffering. Take the case of present colleges, separate seats are given for the lower cast people and with fees reduction. Such lower cast people are now living in much better condition than general class. It doesn't matter if they are eligible and talented for such seats. Great benefits are put forward to such classes making general class people strive hard.

    This is my personal opinion which i noticed from past few years. If there is any mistake or offense in this then do correct me.

    With regards: Cijo George Thomas
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    In the world of inequalities under various aspects of life and prejudices with the general life norm of might is tight, there has to be some kind of reservations for the oppressed. Till recently the oppression was mainly on the basis of community and castes. This has to some extent made available more opportunities for the concerned communities and castes. Now this kind of reservations have reached not only a point of diminishing returns, but has started being counter productive. I had opportunity to observe in close quarters as to how the reservation facilities are working. Now the situation is that those who had the opportunity to get the facilities under reservations in the beginning have availed all the benefits for themselves, their kith/kin and followers creating a new section of deprived under the reserved category of people itself. Therefore the criteria for reservation has to be changed to benefit the economically poor sections and those under 'below poverty line' category of people for fairness, equability and logical way of reservations.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    It is true that the way upper class people behaved is totally harsh if we take the past events or history of those people who were considered as lower classes. So there should be consideration for such people as they have suffered a lot in their life to achieve heights like others. But now i think the reservations and considerations given to those people have crossed the limit. It has now become a burden and suffering for general people as the positions that they strive hard to get are easily achieved by them. This is not fair in my point of view.

    One apt example for this is when they go in search of college seats. I have got 15 thousand rank in Kerala entrance examination but only managed to get a seat in private college but my friend (imaginary one) who got 50 thousand easily managed a government seat. This is unfair in my opinion.

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    Reservation was introduced as cited by Mr. Ramanathan with a clear idea of bringing up the socially backward category. But at the introduction time the Government had a suggested that this should be there for a certain number of years. I remember that our Father of Nation, Mahatmaji who fought for the weaker section and argued for reservation, had suggested that this should be stopped after so many years (the number I don't remember).
    Now the problem is that more and more castes are coming forward to get their castes also to be included under reservation category. Also those category which enjoyed the benefits are still interested to continue the system for their new generations.

    Gold Member, SPK

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