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    Monsoon is weak in Kerala this year

    Kerala is the State which get maximum rainfall generally (3000 mm), but this year so far there is a high shortage. The South- West monsoon generally start from the first week of June every year. Now it is almost one and a half months since that time. Rain is yet to come. Only two or three days during this period Kerala got rain. Even that has not covered the whole of Kerala.

    If this trend continues the State will face very high shortage of water, which not only affects drinking water, also will affect agriculture and electricity production. Power cut is a common phenomenon here. Already the concerned minister has cautioned about this.
    Let us hope the monsoon will be coming soon. The meteorologists attribute the shortage of monsoon to the occurrence of El-Nino, a natural phenomenon which cause temperature rise above the sea surface.
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    Monsoon, a season for fun and frolic as most of us would accept and it is quite precise that this year the amount of rain has taken a down stroll. But its a fact that we Keralites do not appreciate what we have, even if it is rain cats and dogs all through out the season. An example to this was the last year's scenario, even tough we had good amount of rain, this summer season too we faced scarcity of water. As this year we are having less amount of rain, we must look forward to different methods for rainwater harvesting. As it's rightly said "prevention is better than cure". So i expect all of us to take the initiative in procuring water for our future generation cause we do not inherit our planet from ancestors but steal it from our children. Just think about it.

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    But i think we have received adequate monsoon this year. This is not too low nor too high. Last year Kerala has witnessed heavy downpour. It has at the same time witnessed many damages taking place here. It has lead to the opening of several dams and the rivers including Periyar had overflown its valleys and water has entered to a large number of houses. In addition several deaths were also reported last year due to this high rain. But this year has witnessed sufficient amount of rain. The downpour has occurred in different periods preventing water logging and overflow of rivers...

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