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    Ragging in colleges on the rise

    Ragging is now increasing day by day in many colleges of Kerala. Students are being torchered by their seniors and are forced to do many harsh works while they are caught. Mostly the students who are staying in hostels are suffering greatly. The top government colleges where great talented students are studying are the main place were ragging is at the peak. Students in these government colleges are more likely to get addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarette which may harm their life in future. So suggest some measures to eradicate ragging completely from colleges in Kerala. Thank you.
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    This is found almost every where in the world. But I think it should brought to the notice of the school authorities. There is a need for things to be done in the proper way.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Its true ragging is unnecessary evil that prevails in our society. Now a days each and every colleges promises to be a ragging free campus but still there are loopholes in the laws which makes ragging possible.
    First few weeks in the college are some of the most difficult days in the life of a student. He stays away from his family, he is encountered by a whole new set of friend circle, and is welcomed by a whole different culture of the place where the college is situated. At such a topsy turvy juncture the last thing the student needs is a ragging by seniors.
    This creates a very bad image for some students and they may face it very different to face.
    So the institution, teachers, wardens must take special care to avoid cases of ragging.

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