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    Job opportunities for college passouts.

    Main aim or to say the ultimate aim of all the college going students is to get a job in a reputed company as they complete there collage life. In today world we find it quite challenging to find a job and if its b tech that you are doing then finding a job becomes even more tiresome. At present we have over hundred engineering colleges in kerala, which manufacturers over thousands of engineers every year . So finding a job is like fighting a battle. Each and every one is a one man army, striving to be the best .
    "The weak are meat, and strong do eat"
    the quality of engineers are degrading day by day as fir now we can find people completing b tech and working 5000 to 7000 per month.
    This increased joblessness is a threat to the growth of country as a whole . For a country to prosper its citizens should be well earning a living a decent life. This low salary and jobless is what youngsters to indulge in unfair, unlawful and unethical activities. Now a days a mere b tech degree will do no good a minimum of m tech is must for every government jobs and all .
    so i request all to suggest few measures so as to elevate the amount of job opportunity.
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    It is true that the job opportunities for engineering students are gradually diminishing through out the due courses. There are many students who are wondering what to do next when they complete their course. This is actually a pathetic situation as competitions are rising day by day. It is even common now in many colleges to see their seats not even halfway filled.

    So students who are studying for btech degree course should manage to get a minimum of 60 % or above to get a decent job through placements. Otherwise go for higher studys and gain some good scores. Its always important to study in top colleges with great placements as competitions are rising day by day. These are some of the tips for competing in present life with bunch of unemployed people. Otherwise you should invest and do your own buisiness so that you can provide jobs for many secures. Best wishes.

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