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    How to achieve good mark in exam

    5 study tips
    Here given the 5 important study tips that help you to achieve good mark in your examination
    1) Buy additional note book for each subject and write summary of the each chapter taken on the class in your own words
    2) Learn how to make cluster map and other. Mind maps are graphical illustration of a subject and a great memory tool to use, especially during exams.
    3) It is better to take a book from the library and read more information about the topic taken in the class.
    4) Don't do rough drafts for essays just do the good copy straight way, but thoroughly as well. Make a reminder for exam days by marking the dates on a calendar.
    5) Make a good time table which cove all the portion before the exam come.
    6) Avoid continuous studying. Take 15 minute rest after a 45 study.
    7) Avoid the habit of by heart.
    8) Keep a dictionary always with you when you are study.
    9) Find a good place for studying which is free from sound of vehicles, TV etc. so your mind not go from the topic.
    10) Avoid the habit of studying at the time of exam.
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    Studying daily is an important thing to achieve good mark in exam. We should not keep all the studies till the midnight of the exam. The portions that are taught should be studied by the student in the same day. Otherwise it can increase a lot of tension in students and they would not be able to sleep well. A good sleep is very important in the day before an exam. While you are studying you must try to revise last day's portions and just try to read the next day's portion.
    Also when you are about to write an exam you may feel that you have forgotten all what you have studied. You must not worry at this as it comes automatically down to your mind while you are writing the exam. Also you must be confident about yourself while writing the exam.
    All these would surely give you a comfortable examination and you would be able to score good marks in it.

    Thank you.

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