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    Influence of smartphones on youngsters.

    You're on holiday but surreptitiously check your work emails the moment you wake up. You get anxious if there's no wi-fi in the hotel or mobile phone signal up the mountain. You fret if your phone is getting low on power, and you secretly worry things will go wrong at work if you're not there. These are the typical signs of "always on" stress induced by smartphone addiction. This is mostly affecting youngsters. Smartphone addiction has been a widespread concern for parents. They always find there siblings dwelling a world created by the dawn of smartphones. This damages the mind body concentration of youngsters and the become more aggressive and retaliate in nature.
    Guys comment on this and suggest ways of using smartphones smartly.
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    Yes i too think that the smart phone addiction is a major problem among the youngsters. If you can, check out the mobiles of youngsters. Most of them would be having mobiles of touchscreen technology. Today the technology has given many pleasures in the life of the youth.
    Today there are various applications such as facebook and twitter which are provided in these smartphones and most of the youngsters are addicted. Not only younGsters even today the adults are also addicted to this.
    We must prevent all this. Mobile phones as all other things was created with a good motive. So we should use these for only good and beneficial purposes. Smart phones and social networking is good but an overdose of it is bad. Thus try to prevent the overuse of these smartphones and use your time for a much beneficial thing. This is the advice that can be given to youngsters.


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