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    Our children’s sufferings.

    The overweight school bags still remains a serious issue.
    Poet Professor Chemmanam Chacko compared the overweight school bags as gunny sacks of salt.and rightly demanding judiciary to intervene and act against the education system forces students to carry the overloaded back bags.
    Pediatricians also sounded warning bells against the overweight school bags. A child should not carry more that 10% of his/her bodyweight. According to experts, a student having weight of 25kg should not carry more than 2.5Kg. It would have impact on their neck, shoulder upper back and lower back. It could also make children susceptible to spinal injuries.
    Experts recommended some ways to reduce the weight of school bags as
    1)Textbooks should Split into small parts and combine different subjects for each terms into one book
    2)Use notebooks of 80/100 pages or use A4 size paper and file systematically at home
    3)School authorities should provide safe drinking water so that students need not to carry water bottles.
    4)Use of PC/Laptops may be considered.
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    Yes this is one of the major problems the school children are facing today- the overweight of the bags. These children would have to bring a large number of books to school everyday. They would be tired before they reach the school. This would lead to a decrease in concentration in studies among children. As a school child i would like to give some tips to children. Do not carry unwanted books. Ask the teacher which books should be brought and which should not be. Thus if you become a less careful you may be able to solve this problem. In addition, the government and the school management should try to reduce the weight of the books used by children by using weightless papers and paperbacks.

    THANK YOU.....

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    Lockers could also be a viable option as the students will be able to keep their books and other belongings in it which they do not need to take home regularly. So if lockers are introduced it may, to a great extend help reducing the weight of the school bags.

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