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    My doubts to webmaster?

    Through this forum i would like to ask my personal doubts in this web page to the webmaster. I hope that the webmaster would answer to each of my doubts.

    I have accidently posted two articles showing the same title and same contents. How could i be able to delete one article from it. I have not seen the option delete. Hoping for help either from the members or the webmaster.
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    One of your article has been deleted. Your selection of topic was good. But you need to modify the article to make it more professional. I mean, you have to apply a lot of effort.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Respected webmaster, as you have said, can i modify my resource and resubmit it again. You have changed my resource named V.M.Sudheeran- Profile and Biography into the forum section but it was given no points. So kindly give me answer to my doubtS.


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    We are keenly observing your interest in writing articles. But, your basic problem is language. Sit and go through your posts and try to find the problems. Definitely you can make a lot of change in the future and come with good articles.

    Riyan Philip
    Lead Editor

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