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    Rise in the arrival of foreign tourists to Kerala

    Kerala, the gods own country has now witnessed a proportional growth in tourism sector. During 2013 more than 8.58 lakh foreign tourists have immigrated to witness the beauty and unique cultures of Kerala. Kerala Tourism officials have found out that comparing last year a total of 8.12 per cent growth has been achieved. Arrival rate was 7.94 lakh during the year 2012 and it has reached 8.58 lakh by 2013.

    This rapid growth in tourism sector helps to creep up the revenue of government. People in Kerala makes sure that the tourists are satisfied to their fullest. The care and comfort felt by the foreigners will make them swim back to Kerala plenty of times. So pour your comments below about this increased inflow of tourists to Kerala. Thank you
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    Tourism is one of the key features of Kerala. A large amount of economy of Kerala comes down this tourism. Kerala has a different background and nature which makes it more attracted down to tourists. But today too this sector is facing some problems. Pollution is one such factor. Today pollution in our state is at a rise and thus it can affect the tourism sector in the upcoming years. Thus our state should take several preventive measures against this pollution. Also ayurveda is another factor which drives tourists down to Kerala. Kerala is known for its ayurvedic treatment throughout the world. Development is needed in this sector too. Also today the developmental activities like the Metro rail projects can surely increase tourists in the upcoming years. Thus we can largely hope that Kerala becomes one of the most important tourist spot in the upcoming years.

    Thank you.

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    Kerala, Asia's fastest growing hotspot is now one of the most acclaimed destination of the tourists. A large number of tourists are now arrive here to explore the diverse and unique attractions of Kerala such as rejuvenating ayurveda, colorful festivals, delightful cuisines, magical backwaters, golden beaches, sprawling plantations and many more. By observing the dedication and dominancy that we given to ayurveda, Germany's magazines 'Geo Saison' glorify Kerala as ' The Mecca of Oldest and Holistic Health System'. The various festivals that glorifies the tradition of Kerala is always an unforgettable experiences for the tourists. Also Kerala is blessed with a number of nature rich regions, where the tourists can explore the amazing beauty of the nature.
    Even though the flow of tourists increases in the past years, Kerala now faces a lot of problems. Due to urbanizations most of the nature regions are now vanishing from the state. All the water bodies are now at the critical condition due to the throwing of waste. Also the pathetic condition of roads hinter the arrival of some percent of the tourists. In the upcoming years, there may be a decrease in the arrival of tourists which may affect the revenue to the government. So my opinion is government should take more care to tourism in Kerala.

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