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    Is there any hartal tomorrow in Kerala? 2nd September 2014

    Tomorrow 2nd September 2014 is a hartal in Kerala as a 32 year old RSS activist was brutally killed by an unidentified gang. E Manoj, a local office-bearer of RSS was attacked by throwing a country-made bomb and then hacked him to death before fleeing from the area. So the state is going to witness a hartal again.
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    Yes. RSS calls for harthal in Kerala as one of their member has been murdered.

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    In the year 1997, Kerala High Court had banned Bandh and the Honorable Supreme Court also turned down the then Govt's petition to get that order reversed. The Bandhs were renamed as Hartal to get past that order. If you want to ban Hartal, it will resurface with a new name. It is a way of life in Kerala. We have to live with it.

    I prefer to come to Kerala on vacation on bandh days so that I can reach home from airport very fast in the early morning hours without any traffic snarls and by enjoying Kerala's greenery and beautiful landscapes!

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