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    Hartals, a necessary evil.

    Hartal, a day off or should it be put as a day of immense loss to government treasury. A day of hartal is a day of inactiveness for the government as almost all of its institutions stop rendering services that day and its a major hit to the economy. Apart from this on the day of hartal the protesters try to rubble down government properties causing a tremendous loss to government. If asked to a polititian he would say that hartal is must for a democracy, yes it is true to some extend but other factors should also be taken into account. Now a days hartals have became a trend and it has been very common, so it has a negative impact on the working of government. So i request you all to give your opinion on the same.
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    Hartal is indeed a bane for the state. We may have heard that hartal is a way by which people express their views in the democracy. But it is no longer considered so. Our state has witnessed several hartals in the last few years. Some of these has brought about positive factors among people. But the negative factors are to be more noted here. During a hartal all the institutions are forced to stop working. This affects the poor people the most who depend on shops and other market activities. The people are even willing to go out due to the fear of protestors. Is this the type of hartal our nationalists want. Thus here we can see several negative factors which helps us to identify hartal as a curse. Thank you.

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    Is the heading 'necessary evil' right ? Is it not 'unnecessary evil'? Who's gaining out of this. Nobody. But the great majority of people are losers. Many miss their examinations, interviews, journeys planned,marriages or other functions arranged, more over than all these taking a patient or a pregnant woman to the hospital.
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    According to me the title " hartal a necessary evil" is apt. It is true that hartal causes a lot of problems in the society but at the same time we all are living in a democratic country where each and every individual has a say in the working of government. Its a government for the people by the people and off the people, and hartals play a vital role in functioning of a government as a democratic one. If hartals have to be banned then what is the use of all the trade unions and other cults that are made for the people. If there are no hartals then we should call the elected government not as democratic but as a monopoly because it is theses hartals that check the miss use of power by the ruling party. That's why hartals are necessary. Now lets look at another aspect to the story, now a days theses hartals are missused by the opposition party and for every small matter hartals are implemented which disrupt the peace of society and also hinder the development of economy. So in this sense hartal is an evil.
    So yes, hartal is indeed a Necessary Evil

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