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    Kerala in 2020: Dreams and Prospects

    'Kerala in 2020: Dreams and Prospects' is the topic for group discussion. Kerala is considered to be a land which is gifted with great personalities and rich resources. The enormous talents generated by Keralaites are well known around the world. We are gifted with immense wealth in means of people and other resources. But still Kerala has not progressed while considering the growth of the outer world.

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture, we are inviting your views on the topic ''Kerala in 2020: Dreams and Prospects?'. How far has Kerala progressed in delivering the basic necessities for the people? Can we dream of a Kerala which is clean and safe? What are the challenges ahead for the state government to be done before the year 2020? Members can share your thoughts about Kerala in 2020. Do make sure to explain your viewpoints properly.
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    Kerala on 2020 is something great to think upon. We know as each year goes by there are a large number of changes taking place. New and new inventions which occurs everyday helps to make the lives of the people more easy. But even today we can see that people in Kerala faces several problems. There is a lack of safe drinking water in Kerala in Kerala. Today the level of groundwater is reducing much in many parts. So the problem of fresh drinking water should be solved. Can technology solve this water scarcity which is being started to being felt all over the world? Also the education is a problem too in our state. Even though our state has a high literacy rate there are still people who can't get even primary education. We should try to tackle this problem in the future. Also there is also the problem of poverty in Kerala that is to be solved. All these can helps us to create a better future for Kerala and a happy 2020.

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    By 2020, Kerala aims to undergo a drastic change from its current there has been many projects and proposals to bring about a revolution. One of the major aims of the state is to utilise its resources specially human resources to its maximum. A main problem that Kerala faces now is the loss of human capital owing to brain drain. So by 2020 Kerala aims to be a entrepreneurial state, and to provide job opportunities for all infact steps have been taken in light to this like the start up village and Young Entrepreneur Summit 2014 etc. Trivandrum, the capital City of Kerala has the first IT park of India, the Technopark. But still we Keralites lag behind other states in the matters of IT companies. Kerala aims to have 3000 new companies in the IT sector by 2020. Under this plan government is introducing Kerala Technology Innovation Zone at the Kinfra Hi- Tech park where India's first telecom business incubator, Startup Village. It will have all facilities for a world class innovation ecosystem. The Student Entrepreneurship Policy that is taking place is providing incentives like 20% attendance and 5% gracemaeks so as to motivate more and more young entrepreneur. So theses initiatives could bring Kerala at the top of the chart in terms of entrepreneurship.

    Another field that is being worked on to provide an increased yield is the Kerala Cricket Association. There are many measures being taken to elevate the standard of the game in the country. Measures like setting up of academies in all zones of the state. It also aims to increase the number of cricket hostels in every district of Kerala and a pledge to produce at least one cricketer to represent Kerala nationally. To conduct more and more event to increase youth participation and also to motivate them.

    Another field that is looked to be improved by 2020 is the condition of our roads. There will be changes bot rehabilitation and expansion of roads the six lane Kowdiar Road will be expanded to 10 lane and also lot of improvement will be made to existing roads whose conditions are pathetic. Improvement in the road transportation of a state is one of the most important factor for the overall development of the State.

    So theses are only some of the plans among the proposed plans that are being conducted. The main aim of all this is the technological and all the more an overall elevation in the standard of our State.

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    Kerala is well known for it's scenic beauty and mesmerizing atmosphere having lots and lots of outstanding talents flooding all over the state. Kerala is now bunched as a developing state and Kerala government strives hard to make the current situation way more better. The pathetic situation of Kerala has to be taken into consideration. The basic necessities are not being satisfied by the government. Public roads are a major aspect to be noted as Kerala is one among the places that offers such worst road facilities. It is true that the climatic conditions of the state plays a vital role as not a single road project lasts for more than a year. Damages starts building so quick that people have to utilize their only available resource. Then comes the toilet facility as it is very much needed one. Currently available toilets are limited and are not even maintained properly. So even small charges which are affordable for common people are imposed, the facility should be perfectly maintained so that it helps those in need. Other than this flyovers to reduce traffic block, better street light system, better transportation facilities, improving government hospital's facilities and charges, and much more can be introduced. So i strongly believe that Kerala in 2020 will be much better in establishing all the basic necessities and the state will be ranked way up the table of excellence.

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