How to reduce dark circles.

Facial beauty has now become one of the most important factor in deciding ones personality. Ever soul wants to look better and the condition is so crucial that people even fall prey to depression because of this.Dark circles are a major problem that people encounter but this could be avoided very easily by taking few precaution. As it is rightly said prevention is better than cure, so it is easier to prevent dark circle than curing it. An 8 hour sound sleep every day could reduce dark circles to a great extend, this sleep will also help us to be fresh and active. Apart from this placing a cucumber slice on your eyes once in a week while sleeping will do great benefit. Healthy and nutritious food also will help a lot. Dark circle may also occur as a result of strain on eyes, so one should take a short break between long hours of work and wash eyes by splashing water on it. Theses are few steps that could help reducing dark circles. Members are requested to do extend your comments on the topic.