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    Re-Release of film on P.Krishna Pillai

    The film Vasanthathinte Kanalvazhikalil,directed by Anil.V.Nagendran,a film on the founder of the Communist Movement in State P.Krishna Pillai is set to be re-released on 14th November.The film which was to be released before general elections was suspended due to complaints raised by politial parties. The story is based on the Communist movement in the state and the role played by P.Krishna pillai and other leaders of communist movement in abolishing social evils like feudalism,casteism etc. The film is intended to create awareness amongst youth against liquor,drugs, violence and religious extremism. The cast include Tamil actor-director Samudrakani, (who dons the role of P.Krishna pillai), Mukesh,Siddique,Devan,Premkumar, Sudheesh,KPAC Lalitha and Shari.It is planned to screen the film in 60 theatres across the state. When new gen. movies are on the run the youth are advised to watch these types of films also to know about India during the period of 1940's.The youth should try to emulate such leaders who struggled for a revolutionary India.
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    It will be a welcome thing when the film on Late Com Krishna Pillai is released. I agree with Ms Deepa that if the youth of the state watch the film they will get a fair idea about the evils of miscast, religious fanaticism etc. Unfortunately the youth of the 'Gods' own country' which can boast of near complete literacy and intelligent people are being influenced by the neo religious fanaticism and castism. So this film, if watched by them may help to arrest this trend and bring the public of the state to the track. This will also give an idea as to what is co-operation for the betterment of the needy poor and the spirit of sacrifice. It will throw light on as to what is bravery and courage as against the hollow/shallow show of bravery of the new leaders in politics.

    But it is quite possible that an overwhelming majority of the so called 'comrades' themselves my find it dificult to digest the ideals and practices of the yesteryear comrades. The present self styled 'comrades' are no different from the leaders and followers of other so called 'capitalist and bhoorshwa parties of the State and the Country.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    Thank you sir,for your response on my forum re-release of film on comrade P.Krishna Pillai.What you have mentioned about today's bravery and courage when compared to early days is 100% true.The youth should develop bravery and courage not to fight unnecessarily but to fight against all odds which our country faces.Our country's progress and prosperity lies in the hands of the youth of today. The youth should try to form a clean India instead of merely learning about the revolutionary leaders.

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    It is a welcome decision, no doubt. In fact most of the present day communists may not be aware of the problems and difficulties faced by old veterans who worked hard to establish the Party in the State. So, this film might help educating them too. Lot of changes have taken place in Party's approach in socio- economic issues. Attraction of 'power' has affected the very concept of socialism and communism. Let this film help changing the attitude of at least some comrades.
    Gold Member, SPK

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