Is allegations against leaders a good trend?

Yesterday evening there was a sensations breaking news in some channels. What is the news? It is an allegation by a bar owner and an office bearer Bar Owners organization, Dr Biju Ramesh that he gave Rs 1 crore to the Finance Minister K M Mani for renewal of bar licenses. Unfortunately in India and in almost every state there are several allegations against those who happens to be in power and strongly supported by the leaders of the opposition and some disgruntled leaders. These allegations may sometimes true but most of the time is a tool to harass the opponents. Dr Biju Ramesh claims to be an office bearer of Association. Normally if any such transactions are to be done, it is done by the President, ?Secretary or the treasurer of the organization and not any one. If the allegation is true, why the Dr did not disclose this at the time when the partial prohibition was introduced when he and other members were actually affected? Let us have a general discussion on this issue.