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    Impact of endosulfan in Palakkad

    In eight grama panchayt in palakkad district about 613 children have been found to be living victims of the banned pesticide "endosulfan". More than 600 children below 14 years in the Chittur taluk in Palakkad is suffering from the illness caused by the aerial spraying of the pesticide endosulfan. They are are not getting any government support. Too many are suffering from severe birth deformities, cerebral palsy, mental disorders, skin diseases, vision loss and cancer. Most of the victims hail from low income families.
    Government need to take strong steps to protect the affected. Use of endosulfan should be strictly prohibited by introducing suitable substitute.
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    Endosulfan is cause for silent tragedies in the user states where it is used for spray like Kerala and Karnataka. These states are having maximum number of victims of endosulfan. There were many other states like TN, AP, Maharashtra etc who were also using endosulfan as pesticides but not by spraying. May be due tho this fact, there are no suffering cases reported from these states. In fact these states were pleading for the use of this pesticide as they find it cost effective and a good pesticide material. There were several inquiries conducted, but all were superficial and did not go to the root to find the exact cause of the harm.

    Endosulfan ill effect was a very serious issue during 2011,12 where there were heated discussions were taking place in media and there were cases in SC. The has banned the use of endosulfan. However, it is understood that people along the T N boarder are clandestinely getting endosulfan from the T N Centers across the boarder who are selling it unauthorized.

    There are several articles in the 'Kerala Articles' section of site including one article from me. It can be seen by searching through the search box at the right end of Keralaspider site.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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