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    November 5 is declared as Coir Day

    Export worth Rs1600 crore of coir is expected this year from India. Last year it was only Rs.1476 crore. A major portion of this will be exports from Kerala. Shri Adoor Prakash, the Honourable Minister for Revenue and Coir, while addressing the press conference announced about the celebration of "Coir Day" on November 5th.
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    Coir is a bye product available in plenty from the Kerala's coconut activities. Initially this was used for making coir ropes and later slowly extended to coir mats and carpets. Now coir wall coverings and ceiling coverings are also available. Any waste material used for making useful products is a very welcome thing.

    Hence the observation of Coir Day in a year is to be appreciated. This will create awareness among the people who may switch over to coir products from other costly or Eco-unfriendly products. This in addition to using the waste matter helps to reduce the Eco pollution to some extent.

    I have observed in Bengaluru the practice of observing 'Bus Day' once a month and sometimes once a week to encourage people to use the public mode of transport at least once a week or month. Khadi, co-optex, Handloom etc are similarly arranging some sales week or month in a year to boost the sale of the products. The Coir Board too can arrange such events for a week or month instead of one day in a year.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    We as Indians should encourage the small scale and cottage industries by using the handloom and coir products so that the sales of these products will be boosted. I agree with Mr.Ramanathan's views that instead of using Eco-unfriendly products we can use the coir products and also minimise the waste to a larger extent. I had once attended a exhibition on the coir products in Kochi and I was wonder struck when I saw the items made by them using coir. We Indians should try to know the value of such products like coir and try to use them regularly. Coir industry plays a major role in waste management and it is our duty to encourage them by using their products,which inturn helps us to protect and save the earth.

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