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    Brain drain- a serious problem

    Kerala contributes to a huge chunk of IITians all around the country, our government provides special scholarships and other aids to theses students. But the sad part of the story is that after the completion of their engineering theses young minds are leaving our country and migrating to other country, the helping in their development, the same exact thing which they should have been doing in our country. This problem of brain drain is a serious one and our entire country is at a loss from this. Some quick and effective measures must be implemented so as to curb this. According to me all the engineering pass outs should me made to work in our country for 2 years and then only should they be allowed to leave the country if they want. By doing this we could curb the problem of brain drain in our country.
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    This is a great thread to be discussed as brain drain has become a serious issue lately. What is really the use of all these IIT's and all in India of our nation is not benefited ? I also stick to the above mentioned measure that a warmup period of few years should be assigned for such students in our country itself and then only they should be allowed to decide where to move. But if we look closely, we cannot blame them because what sort of facilities and wages are being given for such highly efficient and qualified students ? So in order to bring some alarming change, the students who passes out from such top institutions should be given great opportunities which would keep away their thought of moving abroad. Hope this opinion is acceptable and i would like to know what other member do feel about this issue.

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    Yes we have lack of opportunities, our government should provide theses beaming minds with some reason to stay. Hope that in neat future we will have more opportunities.

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