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    Regarding salary for onsite and offsite projects working in a company.

    I would like to know the salary difference between onsite and offsite projects in a company. Which one is better to work to get better salary- onsite or offsite?
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    It all depends on our experience .It also depends on the Credibility or security of job or income from the companies. Online or offline jobs are options for jobs categorized as Work from home or to earn Income in free time. People find a fixed Income job on a major part. These are full time jobs where one becomes an Employee of the Company and works full-time i. e for minimum 9 hours per day where at least one week off is available. You get your monthly Salary every month. Hence you are assured of a fixed income every month .In online job ,people work on Computers for limited time .This option is generally utilized by Students who want to utilize some free time to earn or housewives who want to earn income from home and those who want to make their Computers/laptops as a sources of Income.
    However as I mentioned earlier that it depends on our experience ,one learns while looking out for such online or offline jobs. U may come across advertisements claiming lots of income by spending 1 to 3 hours online. You may discover that these online jobs are a way to spend your free time but in reality they might not pay you that much. The income might be in the form of mobile recharges or Shopping Vouchers. You will earn points which can be converted to recharge options etc. However some websites might pay you through Paypal or such paying gateways. However it might take long time to earn that many points. Again it depends from companies to companies whether to trust them or not .But yes some websites really pay in the form of mobile recharges. As u associate with this online income websites you come to know which one is genuine. There are some companies with proper offices which may provide you online data entry work or paper work and u may need to pay them a amount as a security deposit before they give u a project. As far as I have heard it depends on the Companies you get associated to trust them.

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    If you are looking out for some genuine websites which really pay a bit may be in the form of recharges or vouchers,reply to this post or email me. I can give you few names of such websites or links of such companies where you can register and spend your free time and it is fun especially for college going students to save their money for mobile recharges or to earn Shopping Vouchers.

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