Sthap Athya Veda- Ancient scripture on Chundan vallam

This is in reference to an article published on your site ( Ref: The author, Asha Kurien mentioned about Sthap Athya Veda, an ancient scripture on Chundan vallam in the article. I am a student of CEPT University Ahmadabad, currently doing PG in design. As a part of my research I am collecting data on chundan vallams of Kerala and the above mentioned scripture shall be of valuable resource for me.

Since the above mentioned book is an extremely significant body of literature, it is unavailable over the internet or in libraries of Ahmedabad. I would be greatfull if you could refer me to an individual or a library which will give me an access to the full article. I hope to hear from you at the earliest as I am very keen on understanding what the book has to offer.

Sebastian Joseph
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