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    I would like to know is there any difference in quality if we buy clothes from online or from retail

    I want to know is there any quality difference if we buy a same dress from online or retail shop? Why is that so? I can see in online lot of price drop is there in online but not in retail shop.
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    There is no difference as far as my experience goes. In the online purchase very often reduced rates are announced and given while dispatching. In shops also reduction sales are announced but the percentage will be lesser.
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    Now -a-days online stores maintain good quality of products. Hence people have started buying more products online which shows their trust and confidence in Online Shopping .Online shopping also gives you many options to buy .That too without travelling. Hence it Saves time and energy as well. It gives you option to buy different types of products under one website. Also due to home delivery you just have to relax at home. However the fun of buying from retail stores is still a fun. Many people go for retail shopping .It is fun to go shopping with relatives and friends .Hence it gives a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones. Talking about price,now - a -days we see online Shopping saves money as they sell at a little lower price than the retail products. Also there are huge discounts. The reason for this difference must be the lower cost involved for the companies involved in Online Shopping as they don't have to buy a place for customers to showcase their products. It also saves energy resources such as A/C or Electricity. Also the retailers have to bear the transportation cost for bringing in the products to their stores and many other reasons. Whatever the difference but Shopping is fun retail or Online .The quality maintained is also good.

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