Suggestions for Rode K2 travel?


Has anyone ever flown on plane before, with a tube microphone and its power supply, and its lengthy MXL 7-pin mic cable? I'm concerned that due the MXL cable's length, although its nicely wrapped and tied up, it may be confiscated. I'm also a bit concerned that TSA may freak out and ask me to test the mic, in which case if I don't have the MXL cable on hand, how would I power it up and prove its a microphone?But then if I bring the MXL cable along with the mic as carry on, I would also risk the cable being confiscated. . shall I invest in an extra MXL cable for check - in baggage, and risk the stock MXL cable as sacrificial lamb? I want to keep the mic on carry on as much as possible. Any suggestions or experiences greatly appreciated.

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