Best tools for tutor & student communication

In this article, we have listed eight tools that aid teaching and make it easy to communicate information between the tutor or teacher and student, among other functionalities. Know the features of all these tools and which is better.

Times have changed, and technology has taken over. In this changed era, technology has made everything, and it now plays an integral part in assisting teachers and tutors while teaching teenagers and children alike. Many teaching tools have been created with the sole intent of reducing the workload of teachers, providing the student with independence, improving the management of educational systems, boosting teamwork and bettering the relationship between students and their teachers. Listed below are eight tools that aid teaching and make it easy to communicate information between the tutor or teacher and student, among other functionalities.

1. Edmodo
Edmodo is a teaching tool that helps the teacher communicate with their students. This tool can easily be compared to a social setup because the teachers and students are allowed to exchange information. The teachers open a unique group for the students for cooperative efforts. The teacher can also give out and inform students of the materials that will be required for a specific class, they can utilize Edmodo in measuring the performance of the student, and they can also pass information directly to the guardians or parents of the student, these are only a few of the significant roles that it performs. Edmodo has well over thirty million clients who unite to produce a method of easy and quick teaching process which is more educational, modified, and affiliated with the fantastic prospects caused by the digital atmosphere and technology.

2. Socrative
Socrative is another amazing and useful teaching tool that was created by a crew of capitalists and engineers who believed in the future of technology and were zealous whenever the topic of education was brought up. It is a teaching tool that gives the teacher the power to create assignments or learning games which can be played by the students on their mobile phones, tablets, and even laptops. After the students submit the tasks, the teacher will be able to see the marks of each student, and this will effectively help the teacher to know the areas where the student is lacking and take action on the next exercise.

3. Projeqt
This specific tool helps the teachers to make interactive presentations that aid learning with vibrant slides where the teacher is allowed to insert links, virtual exercises, interactive mappings, social media timelines, video aids, and pictures as well. During classes, the teacher can make use of this tool to explain better as most people tend to understand and remember things when they are in digital form. This teaching tool also makes it easy to share the presentation with any other device.

4. TED-Ed
TED-Ed teaching tool is designed in the form of a learning platform, which permits the creation of informative lectures along with the cooperation of the people who desire to broaden their understanding of particular topics and subjects like the students and teachers. It does not restrict the people who can make use of it based on authority as the teachers and students can make use of it. On the platform, everyone can learn from everyone, and teachers can make corrections or learn from students as well. It is a perfect tool for writing but there are still some good tried-and-true paper writing services such as Pro-Papers. It allows getting to grips with a wide range of topics and find the needed relevant information having access to needed lectures.

The cK-12 is a teaching tool that exists in the form of a website, and it has been established to lessen the price of educational reading materials for the K12 platform all over the world. To reach this target, the cK-12 was created with an open-source layout, which enables the production and distribution of academic content all over the net, which can be corrected, changed, and hold educational audios, videos, and shared tasks. These educational books can be printed as long as they follow the regulations in the location where it is being published. The books, which have been produced in cK-12, can be modified according to the requirements of tutors and students.

6. ClassDojo
Everyone appreciates some form of reward after doing something rich, and that is precisely what ClassDojo does. It is a teaching tool that develops the attitude of the student to work. Just like tutors give their students an immediate report on their performance so that they know how well they have fared and so they will have a more positive behaviour towards learning. This tool gives live announcements to students like 'Good Job, Daniel' or even a plus for great teamwork. All of the data is saved over time and can be collected by the guardians or teachers of the students over the internet.

7. eduClipper
eduClipper is a platform that enables students and tutors to exchange and investigate references and instructive material. On the platform, you can gather data found on the web and after that share it with the individuals from recently made groups, which gives the chances to control better all the educational materials located on the internet, develop examination strategies, and have a computerized record of what understudies have learned amid the class. In like manner, it gives teachers the chance to arrange an online course with their students and make a group where all the work, which has been done, is put away for future references

8. Storybird
Storybird is a teaching tool that targets improving the literacy skills of students in the form of both reading and writing by way of telling stories. With the help of this tool, the tutors can come up with educative and practical stories on the internet with the help of a site that is very easy to understand. The stories, which have been produced, can be added to websites and blogs, shared through electronic mails, and they can also be printed. There is a wide variety of ways in which the stories can be shared. Tutors can also work hand-in-hand with their students and create great stories.

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