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Arjunan Sakshi - Movie Review

Arjunan Sakshi is suspense thriller from the director of Passenger, Ranjith Sankar. In Arjunan Sakshi, Prithviraj, the young superstar plays the hereo, Roy Mathew. Ann Augustine is the leading lady, playing a journalist. Arjunan sakshi is aimed at awakening modern-day youths, who are characterized by a helplessness and indifference to social issues in general.

Arjunan Sakshi - An Overview

Arjunan Sakshi is the new movie from the director of Passenger Ranjith Sankar. The young super star, Prithviraj, plays the protagonist Roy Mathew in Arjunan Sakshi. Anne Augustine is the heroine. Arjunan Sakshi is set to release on Jan 28

Arjunan Sakshi- Social Thriller from Prithviraj

Arjunan Sakshi has released in 70 theaters in Kerala. This article is includes Arjunan Sakshi Latest Reviews/ first report, Arjunan Sakshi story line and casting. The article also gives you some glimpses of the idea behind Arjunan and who's Arjunan in the movie.

Arjunan Sakshi Malayalam Movie Review

Arjunan Sakshi is a 2011 Malayalam Movie directed by Ranjith Sankar. Prithvi Raj plays the lead role in Arjunan Sakshi. Ann Augustin is the heroine in Arjunan Sakshi. Arjunan Sakshi released this friday getting good reports. Here is the review of Arjunan Sakshi Malayalam Movie. Here you can read a detailed review of the malayalam film Arjunan Sakshi. Also, you can download the wall papers, pictures and image gallery of Arjunan Sakshi.
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