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Koodiyattam (Kutiyattam) Kerala's Ancient Theatre Art

Read this article about Koodiyattam (Kutiyattam) kerala's ancient theatre art form. This article gives an introduction to the ancient theatre art form based on dancing and acting evolved in Kerala around seventh century A.D. It is known as 'Kootiyattam', a Sanskrit drama form , later modified incorporating Malayalam narration of the story through the words of a Vidushakan.

Mohiniyattam - The traditional dance form of Kerala

Mohiniyattam is a traditional semi-classical dance form which has originated from the state of Kerala in India. Read more to know the history, costumes used, dance steps involved, instruments used and famous dancers of Mohiniyattam dance form.

Kathakali - The Pride of Kerala

Kathakali is the traditional dance form of Kerala known as. Here is a brief description of the origin of kathakali, features and the latest changes in Kathakali.


This article is related to oppana.

Chavittu Natakam

This article is related to chavittu natakam which is an important art form of kerala.


This article is related to koodiyattom which is an important art form.

Margam Kali

This article is related to margam kali which is an important art form of kerala.

Mohiniyattam - Classical Dance form of Kerala

Here I am going to explain compelte details of Mohiniyattam, history of mohiniyattam, Make ups used in Mohiniyattam, essential ideas about Mohiniyattam and also well known Mohiniyattam dancers.

Theyyam - A Unique Art Form of Kerala

Theyyam or Theyyattam or Thira, practiced in North Malabar in Kerala, is one of the unique art forms of Kerala. Intertwined with Art and religion, this folk form of worship has generated a lot of interest among connoisseurs of art and culture, both in India and abroad.

Sree Narayana Guru - A legend among Kerala spiritual masters

Sree Narayana Guru is a renowned personality born in Kerala. Let's see here the details of his life history. He was born in the year 1856 in Chempazhanti near Thiruvananthapuram district. His mother's name is Kutti Amma and Father's name is Madan Asan. Sree Narayana Guruwas affectionately called as Nanu by his Father Madan Asan.
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