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How to prepare Kerala mathi fish fry?

Kerala People likes to eat non-vegetarian dish very much. Most of them like fish fry very much because it is crispy and spicy dish. The mathi fish fry is very tasty and spicy recipe in Kerala. Do you want to taste this Kerala mathi fish fry? Here are the some steps to prepare crispy Kerala mathi fish fry.

Grilled Fish with Green Chilli Masala - Ingredients and Preparation Methods

Are you searching for spicy fish recipe? Grilled Fish, Kerala Style-sardine is marinated in spicy green chilli masala for a change from the everyday fish fry. Just try this Grilled Fish with Green Chilli Masala and attracts others. Here I have given ingredient and preparation method of Grilled Fish with Green Chilli Masala for cook. You can easily prepare this recipe because of these tips.

Kerala Erachi Puttu - Ingredients and Preparation Methods

Are you searching for a best breakfast? Here are the ingredients, preparation methods of Kerala Erachi Puttu. You can easily prepare this puttu by using these tips. Erachi Puttu is very tasty and famous breakfast recipe in Kerala. It has good taste as well as health benefits.

Kerala Moru Kachiyathu Recipe – Ingredients and preparation method

Do you want to prepare best recipe for your family? Now you can prepare Kerala Moru Kachiyathu Recipe in your home itself for your family members. You just need to follow simple method to prepare this recipe. Read here about ingredients and preparation method for Kerala Moru Kachiyathu Recipe.

How to prepare Kerala Kozhivarutha Curry?

Kozhivarutha Curry is a very tasty recipe in Kerala. Are you searching preparation method of Kozhivarutha Curry which has wonderful taste? Read here about required ingredients and preparation methods of Kerala Kozhivarutha Curry.

Kerala Karimeen Fry – Ingredients and preparation method

Would you like to prepare Kerala Karimeen Fry in your home? Kerala Karimeen Fry is very tasty and delicious recipe in Kerala. All Kerala people are usually preparing this recipe in their home. Read here about Kerala Karimeen Fry's ingredients and preparation method.

How to prepare Kerala spicy Scrambled Eggs?

Do you want to prepare good spicy egg recipe in your home? Then you can prepare Scrambled Eggs for your family. You can easily prepare Scrambled Eggs in your home itself with easy steps. Read here about Scrambled Eggs required ingredients and preparation procedure here.

How to prepare ulli vada?

In kerala most of the snack items are sweets. They use coconut oil for cooking. It gives taste to the dish and it does not consume more oil. Do you want to taste ulli vada? If yes then follow the below steps to prepare ulli vada. Ulli means onion in Kerala.

How to prepare Kerala stir mutton (meat) fry?

The Kerala stir mutton (meat) fry is a tasty non-vegetarian recipe. This mutton fry takes first place in all marriage functions and during all festival. Do you want to learn the steps to prepare Kerala stir mutton (meat) fry? Here I have given some steps to prepare Kerala stir mutton (meat) fry.

Crab Roast – Ingredients and Preparation Method

Do you want to prepare best and tasty non-vegetarian food in your home? Crab Roast is very tasty recipe which is special and popular recipe in Kerala. Now you can easily prepare it in your home itself. Just follow the below preparation procedure for easily cook it in your home within 1 hour.
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