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Alfaham Chicken Recipe - Kerala Special

Alfaham chicken recipe or Charcoal grilled chicken is a special type of fast food which has achieved popularity to it's zenith in the God's Own Country - Kerala within these days. Read this article to know more about Alfaham chicken recipe.

Corn spinach on cracker biscuts

This crunchy snacks made with spinach and corn is rich in calcium,iron and B vitamins. It also makes for a good party starter.

Coriander seed,indian gooseberryand black raisin juice.

intestinesThis is a refreshing drink that quenches thirsts and acts as a"refrigerant"that cools the body internally."A carminative agent,this drink provides a soothing effect to the stomach and .It is also a very good digestive.

Vada Kari

A perfect side dish for idli and dosa. I always thought making vada kari is a tedious process but only when I made it I realized that it is a simple procedure.


A traditional kerala breakfast served with coconut milk or stew.
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