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Manorama Yuva Mastermind 2012- Instructions,Terms and Conditions

Read about manorama Yuva Mastermind 2012 with instructions, terms and conditions. Malayala Manorama had initiated a very interesting and challenging contest during 2010 to honour the young creative minds among the school and college students of Kerala. Detailed instructions, Terms and conditions, Eligibility etc are described.

Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering: Technical Partner Of Malayala Manorama Yuva Mastermind 2012

Read this article to know more about the Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering, which is the Technical Partner of Malayala Manorama Yuva Mastermind 2012. In this article you can read the important features of Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering, contact details of AJECS & placement cell, contact phone numbers of manager & principal, the official website & courses of Amal Jyothi College Of Engineering.

Malayala Manorama Yuva Master Mind Contest 2012

Read in this article about malayala manorama Yuva Mastermind & the last date for submitting applications which is 20 July 2011. Here you will receive an idea regarding the procedure for Yuva Mastermind, about the prizes, who can participate in this contest?, Prof Sathish john memorial award,contact address of Malayala Manorama & Amal Jyothi College of Engineering etc.
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