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Mullaperiyar Dam Issue - Human Wall by LDF on 8th December 2011

The Left Democratic Front is organising a human wall from Mullaperiyar to Kochi Marine Drive on 8th December. Many people from all fields in the society will take part in the wall. The wall formation is a 4 in the evening. Read more details in article.

Mullaperiyar Dam – Latest news and discussions

Mullaperiyar Dam issues, the latest news revealed that, the prohibitory orders were imposed in Kumali Town, due to bad incidents of stoning vehicles. Latest news about Mullaperiyar Dam and latest issues between Kerala and Tamil Nadu are given here.

Cartoonists campaign on the Mullaperiyar issue

The cartoonists from Kerala conducted a campaign on the Mullaperiyar issue at Kollam. The event was organised by the Kerala Cartoon Academy jointly with the Kollam Press Club. They have also started a blog to exhibit the cartoons on Mullaperiyar. Read more below.

Save mullaperiyar dam trivandrum campaign gives ‘rays of hope’

While the Mullaperiyar Dam issue stirs up the minds of the people, youngsters of Kerala are not ready to give up their campaign to ‘Build New Dam’. Thousands of youth gathered at Shamkhummukham beach at trivandrum giving support to the millions of people who are on the war for ‘right to live’.

Mullaperiyar - What is the real Dam issue?

Read this article to know about the Mullaperiyar (Mullaiperiyar) Dam, peculiarity and the anxiety it is causing to the Government and people of Kerala. The sudden apprehension is due to the bout of earthquakes around the area. Mullaperiyar dam is unique as the dam, reservoir and water is in Kerala but is for Tamilnadu. Mullaperiyar Dam problem, The hidden agenda of the issue, Kerala politicians attitude, Role of Supreme Court and Central Government are provided here.

The aftermath of Mullaperiyar disaster

The description of the likely consequences of Mullaperiyar dam collapse is given here. The Mullaperiyar issue does not affect Kerala or Tamil Nadu only. It will affect the entire South India in various ways. The country will have to pay for the carelessness. Read more details below.

Mullaperiyar dam issue - Possible effects of a dam disaster

Lately the Mullaperiyar dam issue has been alarming the people of Kerala. While the common man in Kerala waits for a suitable solution to be taken by its government about the situation, the politicians are rather more interested in looking at their own gains from the issue. Read this article to know more about the Mullaperiyar dam, the reason for a dam disaster and the aftermath of the disaster.

Mullaperiyar Dam- Historical Background and Purposes

Mullaperiyar dam issue is the most talking news in Kerala. The concern of the safety measures of the dam getting a wide importance nowadays. Here read about the historical background and purpose of the Mullaperiyar dam.

Mullaperiyar - Timeline of important Official steps

Here, a timeline of the important legal steps in the Mullaperiyar issue is given. The debates on Mullaperiyar is reaching fever pitch. It was started in 1970 when the anxiety over the safety of dam was raised. Read the article below to know the details.
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