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Top Six Pookkalam Designs 2014 Selected

Top six pookkalam designs is shown here. Onam, the cyst of every Keralite, the most celebrated and sort after festive for every malayalie brother is now just a few steps away. It is the harvest festival of Kerala and all are preparing for the festive day. Read the article to know more about it.

Top Onam 2014 Floral Carpet Designs

Top Onam 2014 Floral Carpet Designs are given here. Onam, the most celebrated and coveted state festival of Kerala and people are eagerly waiting to celebrate Onam in grand style this year. Read this article to know more about the Top Onam 2014 Floral Carpet Designs.

Latest Onam 2014 Pookalam Designs for Schools, Colleges and Offices

Latest Onam 2014 pookalam designs for competitions in Schools, Colleges and Offices are given here. Onam is the harvest festival for all Keralites, Thoruonam is observed in the month of Chingamand marks the comemoration of Vamana avtar of Lord Vishnu and the homecoming of mystical king Mahabali

Best Onam 2014 Pookalam Designs for Competitions

Top best Onam 2014 pookalam designs for competitions are given here. We couldn't gather Top 10 best Onam 2014 pookalam designs, but managed to get few interesting Athapookalams. Also known as floral carpet, the Onampookalam is is made out of the several varieties of flowers pinched up into little pieces. This Pookalams are similar to the 'Rangoli' made by North Indians which is made of powders of various colours.

Onam Pookalam Competitions 2014: Rules and Regulations

Onam pookalam competition 2014 rules and regulations are given here. These rules can be converted to malayalam language for Onam floral carpet 2014 competitions. Go through this article to know the regulations which are followed during every Onam Pookalam competitions.

Onam Pookalam 2014: Importance of Onam Pookalam

Read this article to know about onam pookalam 2014 ,importance of Onam Pookkalam, associated with Onam festival of Kerala state, India. During Onam, Pookkalams are laid on the varendahs of majority of the houses in Kerala inorder to welcome King Mahabali. In this article you can also see the name of flowers used for making Onam Pookkalams.
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