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Oommen chandy: How should be his next government

Oommen chandy, present leader of opposition and former chief minister of Kerala is all believed to form the next Kerala government. Here in this article, we can see the sectors which need prior importance in Oommen Chandy's next government

Oommen Chandy's Political Life

Oomen Chandy is the current leader of UDF and the opposiiton leader in the Kerala state assembly. He is known as the leader of common people and is always available to solve their problems.

Oommen Chandy Biography - Political and Family history

Oommen Chandy is a politician in Kerala. Read this article to know the family and personal life of Oommen Chandy, political history of Oommen Chandy, MLA and chief minister life of Oommen Chandy, party life of Oommen Chandy, important years and Oommen Chandy's relationship with A.K Antony.

Oommen Chandy - Profile & biography

Oommen Chandy is the leader of the opposition party in Kerala state and is currently speculated to win the Kerala elections 2011. He represents the constituency of Puthuppally in Travancore district of Kerala. Read more about Oommen Chandy to know the full political career and profile of Oommen Chandy.

Political History of Oommen chandy

Ooomen chandy is the opposition leader of kerala, Currently He is celebrating his 40th years as member of assembly. He has been member of assembly since his first election in 1970, from then on he contested in 8 election in which he never lost from puthupally. He was minister in the cabinet for 4 times, thrice in K.Karunakaran led govt and Once with AK Antony. In the year 2004 he was appointed as Chief Minister of Kerala after resignation of A.K Antony

Past Kerala State Assembly Elections Of Oommen Chandy in Puthuppally Constituency.

Oommen Chandy made his entry into Kerala State Assembly election in 1970. After this he was again selected from the same constituency in 1977, 1980, 1982, 1987, 1991, 1996, 2001 and 2006. That means he never tasted defeat in State assembly election. This shows the faith his people have kept on him. Now he has completed his 40 years as legislator in Kerala Assembly.

Puthuppally the assembly election constituency of Oommen Chandy

Puthuppally the assembly constituency in Kottayam district is the election constituency of Oommen Chandy. He has won the assembly elections held in past nine years from this constituency. Read more about Oommen Chandy's political journey through Puthupally constituency from here.
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