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Varuna Shetty Malayalam Actress – Profile, Biography and Upcoming Movies

Varuna Shetty malayalam actress profile, biography and upcoming movies are given here. Varuna Shetty is an upcoming movie actress. She has primarily concentrated on films made in the South Indian movie industry. Till date, she has acted in Tulu, Tamil and Malayalam language films. All these films will be released for the public scrutiny in the year 2014. Before making big in the film industry, she was busy with her modeling assignments.

Srinda Ashab Malayalam Actress – Profile and Biography

Srinda Ashab malayalam actress profile and biography is given here. Srinda Ashab is the upcoming actress in the South Indian movie industry. She has acted in both Malayalam and Tamil language films. Before making her accidental entry in the field of acting, she was part of the technical crew that made some of the finest movies in the Mollywood. She also had a fruitful association with the modeling industry. Her debut film in the Malayalam movie industry was 22 Female Kottayam.

Vinay Forrt Malayalam Actor – Profile and Biography

Vinay Forrt malayalam actor profile and biography is given here. Vinay Fortt is an upcoming actor from Kerala. He has acted in a number of films across all the regions in the country. He forayed into the world of cinema after spending a lot of time in the theatre. He sharpened his acting acumen by associating with different theatrical movements in Cochin City. He molded his career well by suitably taking specialties that helped him to improve his acting skills.
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