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Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple Nada Closure for Chandragrahan

Are you looking for whether the Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple Nada will be closed during Chandragrahan? Well,the temple will be closed on 10 December 2011 during the grahan time. Here you will get more details like chandragrahan in Kerala, story and importance of chandragrahan and many more.

Why the Irumudi kettu for Sabarimala pilgrimage?

Read this article to know about the Irumudi kettu or palli kettu, the items in the Irumudi kettu and the purpose. Sabarimala pilgrimage and Irumudi kettu are like inseparable twins. For a proper pilgrimage and better effect of the pilgrimage what are the items to be taken along in the Irumudi and what is the purpose of each item.

What is Mandala Vratha?

Read this article to know about the Mandala Vratha or austerity measures to be observed by the devotees to undertake the pilgrimage to Sabarimala Ayyappan Temple. It gives an insight as to the various aspects of the vrathas to be followed and the daily routine of the devotees during the vratha period.

What is Sabarimala Mandala pooja?

Read this article to know about the Mandala puja and the rituals and austerities to be observed by the pilgrims/devotees of Sabarimala. Unlike other temples of Kerala, Sabarimala is not open on all days of the year. While other temples are not having any strict code to be observed except that they should be clean and should not wear dress that shows the legs separately, Sabarimala has a stricter and elaborate code.

What is Sabarimala significance?

Read this article describing about the sabarimala, sabarimala temple, unique aspects of the temple, rituals, the pilgriomage, other shrines nearby usually visited, administration, prasadam, neyyabhishekam, Harivarasanam, message of the Lord and other connected aspects.

Sabarimala Security 2011 - Close circuit camera system installed

Read this article on 'Sabarimala Security 2011 - closed circuit camera cystem installed'. Sabarimala safety concern is a challenging factor of Kerala government. The accidents and safety mistakes of Sabarimala are always a bad mark to Kerala. To improve the strictness and safety control measures a network of close camera circuit were installed at Sabarimala. Read more about the news.

Sabarimala – Facilities Offered with Latest News

Latest news on Sabarimala, news about restriction during Makaravilakku day, Health center at Pampa, security of Sabarimala, Van- bus collision at Sabarimala, LCD monitor system at Sabarimala, Queue booking system in Sabarimala are given here.

Free food service for Sabarimala pilgrims and Q-coupon details

The Travancore Devaswom Board has decided to distribute free food to pilgrims for 24 hours during the peak time of the upcoming Makaravilakku season in January. There will be also Q-coupon system by Police for darsan in the shrine. Read more about collection in Sabarimala, free food service and other details.
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