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Watch Makaravilakku 2012 Live Online

Watch Makaravilakku live nnline from Sabarimala on January 15 2012. Live webcast and telecast will be available in all major Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and telugu channels and you can watch Makaravilakku live online on number of websites. The ceremony will begin at evening. Major attraction of Makaravilakku is the ceremony Performed at Ponnmbalmedu where the lamp or Aarathi is lighted.

Watch Sabarimala Makarajyothi – Makaravilakku 2012 Live Online on 15th January

Watch Sabarimala makarajyothi – malakravilakku 2012 live streaming online on 15th January. Many online Malayalam channels will be streaming live which will be witnessed by lakhs of people all over the world. Pilgrims from different parts of the country has reached Sabarimala to witness makarajyothi or makaravilakku.

Sabarimala Thiruvabharanam procession 2012 begins on 13th January

The details of Sabarimala Thiruvabharanam procession 2912 are added here. The Thiruvabharanam procession carrying sacred ornaments to Sabarimala will begin on 13th January Friday. The procession will reach the Lord Ayyappa temple on Sunday. Read more details below.

Holy river Pampa, Pampa vilakku and the legends on Sabari

Read this article to know about the Pampa (also called Pamba) River, from where it starts, through which places it flows and where it ends. The article also deals as to how Pampa became a holy river. This article explains about an annual ritual of Pampa Vilakku and the legend associating the river and the hunter woman Sabari on whose name the place of the Ayyappa temple is situated.

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple and pilgrims getting ready for Makara vilakku festival

Read this article to know about what is Sabarimala Makara vilakku festival, Sabarimala vilakku, Makara Samkramam, Makara Jyoti at Sabarimala, the confusion on the Makara vilakku and the Makara Jyoti, Thiruvabharanam of Lord Ayyappan, The mysteries connected with Sabarimala, Erumeli Petta Thullal, Malikappuram Procession and the Guruthi Ritual being held at the hill shrine of Sabarimala as a part of the Makara vilakku festival.

Erumeli Petta Thullal 2012 to be held on 12th January

Are you looking for the details of Erumeli Petta Thullal 2012? Then you have come to the correct page. The Erumeli Petta Thullal 2012 will be held on 12 January. Here you will get details like location of Erumeli, railway stations and airport close to Erumeli, myth of Erumeli Petta Thullal, Sree Dharmashastha Temple Erumeli, Nainar Masjid Erumeli, Erumeli Peta Thullal rituals and many more.

Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple Makarajyothi - Makaravilakku 2012

Are you looking for the details of Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple Makarajyothi - Makaravilakku 2012? Then you have come to the correct page. Here you will get details like Makarajyothi 2012, Makaravilakku 2012, 2012 Makarajyothi Darshan, Makaravilakku Season, 2012 Live Makaravilakku-Makarajyothi and many more.

Sabarimala Makaravilakku festival 2012

Read about the Makaravilakku festival 2012. Makaravilakku is one of the most divine festivals in Kerala. Here read the ritualistic importance of Makaravilakku including Deeparadhana, Thiruvabharanam and Makara jyothi. Also read about the Makaravilakku festival 2012.
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