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Sree Manikandeswaram Umamaheswara Temple Guruvayur

Sree Manikandeswaram Umamaheswara Temple is situated near Guruvayur temple. The main Idol of this temple is Umamaheswaran or Ardhanareeswaran. The temple is well known for various festivals like, Pooram, makarachovva, Vettekkorumakan Pattu, Shivarathry, Ayyappan Vilakku, Navarathry etc. the temple is located 7 Km from Guruvayur Sreekishna temple and 29 Km from Thrissur railway station.

Sree Venmenadu Mahavishnu Temple (Vamana moorthi) Guruvayoor

Sree venmenadu Mahavishnu (Vamana Moorthi) temple is located at pavaratyy which is Near to Guruvayoor Sreekrishna temple. The idol of this temple is Vamana moorhi who is one of the ten forms of Lord Mahavishnu. The temples of Lord Vamana are very rare in India. This temple is located 6 Km from Guruvayoor. Sharkkara nivedhyam is one of the best offering to this temple.

Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple Pathanamthitta, Kerala

Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, located at Pathanamthitta district of Kerala is a well knwon pilgrim centre located in south India. This Vishnu temple is related with the epic Mahabharatha. Arattu festival and festival conducted during Onam season like Aranmula vallamkali and Aranmula vallasadhya attract lots of tourists to this destination.

Vellamassery Garudan Kavu Tirur, Malappuram

The Garudan Kavu (Golden Eagle Temple) at Vellamassery is a unique temple not only for Kerala but for the country itself. This temple dedicated to Garuda (Golden Eagle), the vehicle of the Sri Maha Vishnu one of the Trimurty gods of Hindu Religion. It is believed that worshiping here will relieve the diseases and the effects of the Serpent poisons. Even before the temple entry for all Hindus came into effect in respect of other temples, Vellamassery Garudan Kavu had no restriction of entry for any one.

Ananthapura Lake Temple Kasargod, Kerala

Read about Ananthapura Lake Temple Kasargod in Kerala. Ananthapura Lake Temple is a temple the only Lake Temple in the God's Own Country, the Kerala State. The temple is dedicated to the Ananthapadmanabha Swamy, lord Vishnu. The Temple is in the Kasargod District the northern most district of Kerala State bordering Karnataka State. The Aananthapura Temple is believed to be the Moolasthanam (original seat) of the Lord of the Thiruanthapuram Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum Kerala

Read this article to know about Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum,Kerala & the latest news regarding its treasures. Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is one of the famous temple of Lord Vishnu located at Trivandrum in Kerala. In this article you can read the history associated with Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Rules & timings of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, festivals associated with Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple & the treasures seen in Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple in Kerala - The Holy Abode of Lord Sree Krishna

Guruvayoor Sree Krishna temple is a very popular religious place in Kerala located near Thrissur district. It is the holy abode of Lord Krishna who is the avatar of Lord Mahavishnu. Read this article to know all the information about Guruvayoor temple including the history, dress code, festivals, rituals, darshans, official website and address of the temple.

Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple

Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple, located in Kelakam in Kannur district is an important pilgrimage centre in Kerala. Kottiyoor Mahadeva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi is surrounded by thick dense forest with lush greenery. Spellbinding view of natural landscape makes you relieve from stress and tension.

Mammiyoor Temple - Famous Shiv Temple Near Guruvayoor

Mammiyoor Temple, situated near Guruvayoor Temple is one among the most widely visited pilgrim centres in Kerala. This temple dedicated for Lord Shiva in rowdra bhavam attract lots of believers from all over the world. Thiruvathira and Shivarathri are two famous festivals celebrated in this Shiv temple. Fantastic sculptors and ancient mural paintings captures all eyes of tourists.
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