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Vishu and Vishu Kani

Vishu is the transition time or Samkaramanam of the day from the Meena masam to Meda (Mesha) masam. That is, the time when Sun (Surya) Transits from Meena Rasai to Mesha Rasi is known as Vishu.

How to Prepare Vishu Kani for Vishu 2013

Vishu is one of the important festivals malayalees celebrated with great joy and happiness. Vishu kani is the most important thing in Vishu. In this article, we describe about 'How to Prepare Vishu Kani' in Vishu Day in 2013. This article clearly describes the materials and things needed to arrange Vishukani. Also read for knowing the importance and significance of Vishu Kani.
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