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Vishukani 2014: How to prepare Vishukani?

Vishukani 2014 and its preparation methods are described here. Vishu, being one of the most anticipated religious festival with deliver most amount of joy and pride. On this auspicious day, we would come across many relevant 'elements' like vishukani, vishusadya, vishukieneetam etc. But the most important and worth thing is none other than 'vishukani' which would stay in mind for the whole year. Read more to know about Vishukani.

Celebration of Vishu Festival in Kerala

Kerala, enriched with a wide range of festivals is one of the best chosen destinations of tourists all over the world. Let's see here some of the traditions followed on Vishu festival. Vishukani, vishu kaineettam and crackers are some of the highlighting features of Vishu.
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