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    Will India win the Cricket World Cup 2011-Active Group Discussion

    World Cup 2011 Indian Team
    Dear Members,
    Will India win the Cricket World Cup 2011 is topic to discuss.Just a few days left for yet another edition of World War Cup Cricket. All Cricket fans all over the world are set to watch the thrilling moment of cricket. The expectations over Team India are on the peak.

    As announced earlier we will be bringing more contests related to 2011 World Cup Cricket like predict the winner of the match, predict the man of the match and much more.

    As an introduction to upcoming cricket world cup we are bringing a topic for group discussion- Will India win the Cricket World Cup 2011

    Members can discuss the possibilities of Team India. If members have different opinion, those are also welcome. We are keeping Rs 200 solid to be distributed among the active members participating in this discussion .If more participation comes here we will give reward for them too. So be active and make this a fruitful discussion. Best Wishes.
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    Hello Biju Sir,

    Thanks for bringing this interesting topic for group discussion. It is certainly a period of cricket fever all over the world. And the most discussed question is who will win the ICC world cup 2011? In my opinion, India is having more chances of being the winners. Team India is showing good winning rates for last two years and the most important thing is that the players are now able to face the pressure situations very well. We have seen the same with test match with Australlia where Laxman and Ishanth won the game for India.

    Another important factor which makes Team India a special team is no one other than Sachin Tendulkar. He is in his career best and will be an asset for Team India for this world cup. All the cricket fans of the world are eagerly waiting to see the performances from the "God of Cricket". Moreover Sachin and Sehwag makes the world's best opening batsmen. The second factor is captain cool, Mr. M S Dhoni.Team India has never seen such a clever and efficient captain for the last two decades. His role in the team as a captain and a powerful batsmen will certainly make good for Indian team.

    All the young bloods are also in great touch including Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli, Yusuf Pathan. Bowling departments are also strong with Zaheer Khan, Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh. So India can hope for thier best.

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

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    I would like to thank Webmaster for selecting the apt subject for group discussion as the world cup fever has gripped the country right from a small street to the playing grounds.

    In all probability I would predict India will emerge as world cup winners this time based on several factors.

    Firstly the form the team has and they have shown repeatedly that they are capable to perform under any condition; the example for this is their performance at recently concluded South Africa series, though they lost the decider but they got the appreciation from all corners.

    Secondly the home ground advantage, though few matches they may have to play in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, pitch conditions are not much different from the Indian pitches.

    Thirdly this could be the last international tournament for Sachin Tendulkar, though he have enormous pressure to perform, it will be a farewell tribute to the legend and other team mates might have already decided to give him a fitting farewell to the batting icon by winning this world cup and certainly he deserve this too.

    Next is inclusion of maverick and flamboyant bowler Sreesanth, though we can consider his inclusion as a blessing in disguise due to injury to Praveen Kumar but this time he had the power of destiny to play the world cup, the fire and aggression of Sreesanth made him as versatile as his attitude.

    All these factors certainly influence this world cup to make India as the world champions in 2011.

    R Pramod

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    hello every one,
    INDIA as a country is full of mad CRICKET crazy nation and here every one is one of a KIND selector and thinks best to help WIN games for INDIA. Here this is another forum where every one would have a chance to discuss out there view on possibilities and chances to win WORLD CUP.

    But frankly speaking , INDIA has done well only when there is very low expectations fro them be it 1983 WORLD CUP/TWENTY 20 WORLD CUP or for that matter 2003 WORLD CUP where INDIA REACHED final, this is one view.

    Coming back to current scenario , I totally agree with Anil Kumble's statement , INDIA is front runner for the cup, provded players remain fit there are niggles as said by team authrity or INJURY to key players like SACHIN TENDULKAR , ZAHEER KHAN to name ...which are core of the team and feels even if they are injured and play in final XI than they wont be able to give 100 percent which is require to win such big tournament forget bilateral series , this is mega tournament and in the event we will miss the chance to bring CUP back home.

    I feel Sreesanth should play each and every game, as he has nack of getting into skin of opposition with his style of agrro...

    All I can do is stay home watch matches and pray for INDIA win and say...


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    Indian Spinners star in the warm up match against Australia

    Indian team has given all cricket fans a good hope for world cup by beating last three years world cup winners, Australia.

    Indian spinners have shown that they can excel on Indian soil. The batting line up failed to build up a good score on the score board. It was the tail end players who helped India to build up the score board. Except Sehwag and Yusuf Pathan, all other players once again failed before the Australian Bowling line. So India has to concentrate on the batting line up.


    Ibrahim N

  • #2061
    I am personally thanking our Web Master for giving all SPK members this new opportunity. Hope all members make maximum use of this opportunity.

    Ibrahim N

  • #2075
    Hello sir,

    Yes, the indian team definitely win this world cup.Batsman like sehwag,sachin,gambir,kohli, raina,yuvi,yusuf can bring back the world
    cup.indian Team have get good start by sehwag &gambir,if the good start we get then the half work is done,then the god of cricket sachin is there to score follwed by yuvi,kohli and raina.Mr captain cool MS dhoni efficient captain is there to handle the situation very well.Bowlers like bhajji,zaheer,yusuf,sreeshant can change the game.Rather than this home ground advantage always there ,they Know the conditions of pitch. The support of the home millions crowds.The team will bring back world cup home .

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    Hi everybody

    Don't quarrel on me!

    I think India won't get ICC Worldcup 2011. There are many reasons to believe so.
    1. The greatest strength of Indian team is none other than it's batting strength. The batting strength starts from the opening pair itself. But, when it comes to the middle order, everything is in vain apart from Kohli. Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Captain M S Dhoni are not in their form from a very long time. Sachin Tendulkar is a very good and infact the best player we have. But after that 200, he never batted after that serious for India in one day. India will have to give sufficient rest for Little Master on the ongoing series in order to get the Worldcup. Yusuf is a man of luck!. No one can predict when he will be in form. But he has been very consistent for the last few games.

    2. Other teams are also enjoying the same condition in India. Srilanka has a great chance to wrap the cup. They are also in tremendous form.

    Lijin T

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    Hello Everyone, it's good to see the discussion getting hotter, but feeling a lil bad to join it late.

    Anway I think that yes, India will win World Cup 2011. Last days, Indian cricket team has shown a great team work which is the base for any team. And everyone is praising team India for the same. Recently I also noticed that team India is doing much better with test matches as well.

    It is also true that India team has won World Cup only for once in the year 1983 and became runner up in the year 2003 and also in 2007 they were knocked out in first round only.

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    Hi members..

    India played both the warm up matches very positively. Although the match against Australia was not upto the level in one stage, it came to the match in the later half by good bowling action from Chawla, Bhaji and our own Sreesanth. Batting was a great problem in the first match.

    But the match against New Zealand is great. India excelled in batting, fielding and bowling. Like the first match, it is spin bowlers who made the match into India's side. Aswin is a promising player for the future. Batsmen were struggling to have their bat on this young man's bowl. Surely, he will be a trump card for Indian captain Dhoni in the ICC Worldcup. Chawla and Harbhajan were also good in their role. Yuvraj Singh too excelled in the spin bowling attack against New Zealand. But the pace bowlers were very disappointing. All the three bowlers consumed very high economy in the initial overs.

    Batting of Indian team really came to the way we wanted in the second warm up match. The most promising news is about Dhoni's batting. He showed that the potential of hard hitting is still there in hist bat. The way he made the runs was awesome. Gambhir and Kohli also contributed a standing innings. Raina also came back to his usual form by scoring a fast half century.

    Let us hope that the team will get ICC Worldcup 2011 for India and Sachin Tendulkar!!!

    Lijin T

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    Dear Friends,

    The topic of GD is the hottest one.Here I wish to look deep into the Indian team.

    Selectors had selected the best team that we can have in a world cup.It was so in ICC world cup 2007 also where we expelled in first round.Here being the hosts we expect a ground support much more than any other grounds in the world.

    But actually our team is not at all good in all sense.Look to the first match.Indian batsmen didn't performed well in it.We have world famous batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar, Goutham Gambhir,Veerendra Sehwag , Dhoni, Suresh Raina, Yusaf Pathan, Virat Kohli,Yuvaraj Singh etc.Where their batting power went in this match?Why they shake their knees before a team like Australia which is good for nothing in recent days? We won the match as spinners did well.Our pace bowlers had done "well" to add to Australia's score.

    Now look at the second warm up match against New Zeland.There our batsmen were in powerful form.The middle order scored very well.But New Zeland chased that Himalayan total bravely and our bowlers really struggled.

    So there is no consistancy in the show of Indian team.How such a team can win the ICC world cup?When we expect our team to be champions it should not be a mere expectation.We should look into the facts and predict will it be possible.

    Almost all of us are looking only to the strength of our team only.Some of the other teams are also very well.South Africa is a balanced team.Sri Lanka is also a good team.England also can't be neglected.

    Our expectation is based on two more facts.This is Sachin's last world cup.So more than expecting good strokes from him , we have to look into the pressure he may be experiencing which will hinder his battting.Also we are the hosts.As hosts our pressure is also very high.

    So I think it will be difficult to India to emerge as winners in this ICC World Cup 2011.

  • #2121
    Sorry to doubt you ....

    but I feel sachin will be there in NExt world Cup also

    might be not in the capacity of player but as COACH/BATTING

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    Roshan says "Team India is showing good winning rates for last two years" - this hardly guarantees that India is capable of winning the World Cup! In fact, although they may have been winning consistently, it may have made them over-confident too and create a mental attitude that they can beat just about any opponent.

    As everyone knows, the World Cup is a different game of cricket altogether & just about any team will come up with their best-ever performance and beat the most fancied team. So India had better watch out!


  • #2148
    Some of the members have mentioned that Sachin Tendulkar is in the team & he is a huge asset. Agreed, but he alone cannot guarantee a win for India. In fact, there have been numerous occasions in the past when the team is so dependent on him to take it out of a tight situation that the batting collapses when he gets out. The other players must square their shoulders and apply themselves seriously to every game, whether or not Sachin performs. As pointed out by Lijin, Yuvraj, Dhoni & Raina have not performed up to their best when it really matters. Moreover, even Sachin is vulnerable to the best spin tactics of bowlers like Murlitharan or fast pacers from the likes of Shoaib Akhtar. So the men in blue must shrug off this over-dependence on Sachin and believe in their own individual talents.

    I also disagree that Sreesanth should play in every game and that he is a "blessing in disguise" having replaced Praveen Kumar. Sreesanth is simply not consistent enough. I would prefer to see the more experienced Nehra and Zaheer in every match, with support from Harbhajan and Piyush Chawla as the spinners. I feel these 4 should be taken for practically every game, while other bowling options should be tried out against less fancied opponents like Ireland, Netherlands, etc.


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  • #2163
    It is a hot topic not only in SPK but all over the Sub continent. The batting against the inexperienced Bangla is impressive, to some extent. There are very good teams in the fray like England, South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakisthan and all of them are cup favourites. All Indians pray that the World Cup 2011 be in India's proud possession and I have no doubt that if lady luck does not smile at the above mentioned Opposition Teams, Mahi ( he was called so for the first time and practiced by one Dr Nair a Malayalee) and his team will tour the country with the Cup, accepting the receptions from all major cities; of course their bank accounts will swell. Batting strength of India is good but our bowling and fielding areas are still weak compared to the others. Body language of the entire team does not augur well. Team spirit apparently lags and the main cause of worry, over a period of matches will be I N J U R Y. I do not subscribe to the majority view that India will win cup. The wind is in favour of England or South Africa.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

  • #2165
    Hello members,

    the first match is on its way. It has scored a everest total of 370 runs in the opening match in ICC World Cup 2011. Good signs! But this is not a big match for India eventhough it is a big one. Bangladesh is not an equal opponent to India. This is just a starting from India and its been in style by Virender Sehwag and Virat Kohli. But sad to see Sachins's run out. Anyway go India go..

    Then special thanks to Vandana Mam for giving response to my posts. But i dont think that India will be over confident. We can say like that if India has come with an inexperienced squad. But the players like Sachin, Sehwag, Zaheer, Yuvraj, Dhoni etc has a vast experience and they know well than any player presently performing in cricket. I stress up on Sachin Tendulkar who have more than 20 years of experience in the team.

    So hope for the best and best wishes to Team India......!!!!


    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

  • #2167
    We can judge a team's chances by its performances in recent past, in that sense we can presume India have an edge over other countries.

    Next advantage is India playing most of their matches in the home pitch, hence they have better sense about the grounds compared to other countries, though few might have to play in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka the pitch conditions are not far different than ours.

    Though India fared badly when world cup matches held on previous conditions, the teams confidence and composition is entirely different now.

    Based on all these facts, we can surely say India can win World cup this time.

    R Pramod

  • #2169
    As the first match ended, India is all set to win the World Cup. The performances from Sehwag, Kohli, Gambhir and Sachin are awesome. Bowlers also did their best in the match. Indian Capatain Dhoni sais that this is a true sign to the wining streak of India to the World Cup. He said that India will win all the upcoming matches. I am in little hope because the play just ended is against Bangladhesh. Let us wait for two more matches to correctly knowing the pros and cons of Indian team.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #2173

    India got every chance to win ICC world cup 2011, unless the visitors learn how to cop with the dead slow Indian pitches. The pitches are slow like Indian opera soaps.

    Looking at the first match, India should be thankful the Bangladesh for letting them bat first, in Day Night matches the team winning the toss would prefer to bat first, Bangladesh decision was surprising.

    Pitch had nothing in it the morning session,\ a perfect pitch that ICC would opt for a dying format of the game and how ICC can let india lose a game since india is the highest financial strenght of the game

    I am sure that ICC will make sure that India reaches the semis at least otherwise the event will end up in a loss for ICC, so that ICC will make every possible move for India to win

    In the first game of world cup India certainly scored a huge total, but look at Bangladesh, they reached 289 close 300, a run a ball.

    Am dead bored of watching the Games, were there is nothing for the bowlers, it is batsmen allover. The ball didn't even bounce above the knee, then why it is not possible to sore double hundred in the match

  • #2175
    The men in blue have been known to under-perform when it mattered the most, as it has been proved in the previous edition of the World Cup. They tend to take some opponents lightly, as was proved in the disastrous opener against Bangladesh in 2007. Team India expected a cakewalk - yes, they did walk - straight back to the pavilion after a bruising from the Bangladesh team!

    We did win the opening game yesterday, but Bangladesh put up a gritty performance and initially did make a good start. Thanks to Munaf's 4 wickets, they did not reach India's massive total. This proves that even if we do conquer a few teams in the opening games, Team India needs to pull up its socks. Defending totals when batting second is crucial, whether the score is small or large. Even a 300+ score on a batting-friendly pitch is not enough against high-scoring opponents. India may just succumb to England and New Zealand and West Indies are no pushovers. We not only have to win all our group matches if we have to progress to the next round, we need to get in a good bowling combination for the second round of matches.

    Even then, I still cannot picture a finals with India. We are under too much pressure, playing in front of home crowds and the huge expectations of the nation. The men in blue are likely to cave in under pressure despite the oft repeated phrase that Dhoni is "Captain Cool".

    The entire team, and not just the captain, need to keep cool and be level-headed to get that glittering trophy in their team cupboard. It is hoped that not just Sehwag, Sachin, Kohli and the other batsmen play well, but the pacers and spinners too are effective.


  • #2176
    No doubt, India will surely win.

  • #2208
    India Definitely win the world cup, but middle order should more runs and also bowling should be improved.

  • #2211
    if india continues the same performance then there is a lot of chance for india to clinch the world cup. as of now, india has defeated the world champions Australia and Newzeland in the practice session and Bangladesh in the opening match.

    India's next match is against England at Bangalore. if India continues the same level of performance with them also, then it will a great difficult for others to fight with india. Anyway Wishing Our own India- All the Best


    Ibrahim N

  • #2213
    India has defeated the world champion Australia and New zealand in the practice session, but it not matters in the tournament.
    Practice match is different and tournament is different and let see how Indians are performing in forthcoming matches...

    Yes, we wish the Indian Cricket team to reach the top...

  • #2219
    There is no doubt that India will win the ICC WORLD CUP 2011.sachin will score a century in the final of icc world cup 2011.So all cricket fans pray for sachin and india to win the world cup 2011.

    Best regards
    Sujith k

  • #2221
    yesterday's Australian performance against Zimbabwe has shown that they are finding difficult to play the spinners in the Indian soil. So this is golden chance to India. Indians already proved it in the practice match against Australia. That day Indian spinners, especially Piyush Chawla, proved they can perform much better than fast bowlers on Indian Soil.

    In the practice match against Newzeland and the opening match against bangladesh, it was batsmen's turn. Except Yuvaraj Singh, all other players are playing well on their track. In the current situation India has a lot of chance for winnig this world cup


    Ibrahim N

  • #2222
    Yes, they are struggled to score more runs in the spin. By knowing this the opposite team will use the spin to lower the score, i think.

  • #2292
    We are proud to be Indians.We had easily crossed the challenges from Bangla Shers.But have any of you noticed that this Bangladesh is far away from last year's Bangladesh?With a single win we cannot assure that the same will be the result of every match.

    Australia is really sweating against spin bowlers.But at the same time we Indian's knees are hitting before pace attack of Australia and South Africa.In fornt of their bowling team our team consisting of Srisanth, Munaf and Zaheer is nothing.Still many of you say India will win.

    I think the match will be serious when India meet South Africa or England.The winners of that match will decide the world champions.

    The patriotic thoughts of members are very good.But remembere this is sports, no position for patriotism in sports.

  • #2327
    @ Abhay: you have copied Abid's response word to word. Please give your own views.

  • #2330
    It is had to name one team as favorites. South Africa with their current form, could be rated no.1. If Aussies work out their problem with the sub-continent pitches, and England somehow magically get through their injury woes could prove to be very crucial competitors for the WC.

    The latest trend in Indian team is that of generating pressure, in their own way of collapsing top order or bowlers giving away runs easily. And under this pressure, a couple of young players start performing brilliantly all of a sudden, attacking the opposition. The best this as I observe is that, instead of the same person taking the responsibility of relieving the pressure in every match, like it used to happen before, now it is a new player each time. This, of course, is making the selectors' job even more difficult. But this is a huge asset of the current team under their, rightly branded, Captain Cool. If Indian youngsters keep up with handling the pressure situations as they are doing since last 2 years, with the added advantage of sub continental pitches, it is a cake walk for the team to the world cup final.

    Having said that the selectors have a very difficult job, I am still disappointed with dropping out of Pragyan Ojha who could prove to be a useful tool in the spin attack, esp. on Indian pitches.

    All the best Team India.

  • #2337
    Did u watched match yesterday...batting only not enough to win.

    One final thought: Off the 5th ball of the 50th over of the Indian innings, Zaheer and Munaf took one, then crossed for the second - but Zaheer never managed to make his ground, getting run out to end the Indian innings. To add to his chagrin, he saw the umpire signal one-short - Munaf had failed to ground his bat. Thus, two men ran twice the length of the pitch, and failed to score a single run. One run more in the Indian total, and... Just one of those ifs and buts that make this game so fascinating.

  • #2339
    Yesterday against England we scored a good total.But till the last ball we were in pressure!Andrew Strauss taught how a captain should be under such pressure.Pressure created in him pleasure!

    Remember the same England was about to bow in front of the Holland!That England trumbled the host country means , they will do something in this world cup.

    So I think we have to face more challege from teams like South Africa , Pakisthan ( both off their matches were an easy one to them)and the defending chapion Australia.When we meet them any where in this world cup our strength and weekness will come to light.

  • #2343
    Yesterday's match against England proved my point - good batting in the opening overs is not enough to win a game! The second half of the batting order should stand firm and not collapse in a heap as they did yesterday + bowling needs a really huge improvement. Our bowling overall is plain shoddy.

    What's more, our fielding must improve drastically. We are allowing too many singles and twos to the opponents and those fielding in the deep tend to take their eyes of the ball when trying to stop a boundary, thereby leading to quite a few misfields.

    Their are good individual performances, but overall I do not think the men in blue can lift the trophy.


  • #2344

    I agree to you that batting in opening overs are not enough.But I think batting is almost going in good condition.Our bowlers are not getting to the expected line and length.With this bowlers how a team can win such a glamour title?This is not T-20 match.50 overs are to be bowled and this much run is really a thing to worry.

    Also our captain dhony had shared his worries about the fielding.So two of the three departments are to be rectified to win this world cup.When all these comes to perfection we will win the title.Till then we can only dream the trophy.

  • #2364
    when India improve bowling then India win the world cup

  • #2365
    Even Ireland had stunned England.EarlierHolland also trumbled England.Before that England we escaped with a tie.In Super six round the matches will be entirely different.If it is going like this our players will have to watch the match from gallery soon.

  • #2367
    India should strengthen up their bowling line up. Ireland had shown an amazing performance against England by chasing and winning their huge score of 327. So definitely Indian bowlers should show their strength in the upcoming matches

    most probably India will miss Sehwag in the next coming match on 7th march (Sunday) against Ireland. India's tie against England was really unexpected. Indian batting order did their best. but the tail end batsmen failed to make it a huge score.

    All indian fans are eagerly waiting foer the next match, but might miss Sehwag's performance. He has gone for some treatment to delhi. but Sachin and Kohli are on their best platform. so there is nothing to worry. India should not see Ireland has an unexperienced team. They have shown that they can do.


    Ibrahim N

  • #2369
    If India want to play the final of the great event, there should be immediate change in India's bowling and batting performance. Indian bowling and fielding has been continuously declining from the standard. The match against England is one of the best example to show this fact. Although India score 300+ runs in the game, but failed to defend it.

    There are questions on Dhoni's captaincy too. He was a "cool" captain for India. But his coolness is one of the cause of India's poor fielding. He was just keeping mum even the bowlers and fielders are doing wrong. Indian fans were wondering when he gave bowl to Chawla in the 49th over of the game.

    If India wants to reach the semi-finals at the least, there should be some good changes from the side. We can't see the associate teams as small!!

    Lijin T

  • #2370
    Wishing our team all the best for the match against Ireland on Sunday

    Ibrahim N

  • #2385
    The indian team definitely win this world cup

  • #2406
    definitely india will win world cup this time they have a good home advantage....and india have to play their most of the matches at home...players like sachin,sehwag,gambhir will make the difference in this tournament.. one of the most important thing of this world cup that india and srilanka pitches helps spinners and indian batsmen are one of the best attackers of spin....overall this world cup will be in the hands of ms dhoni...

  • #2409
    Yesterday's match once again proved that India looks a strong team only on paper. We made heavy weather of winning against a weaker team. We allowed them to reach 200, which showed up again the poor bowling performance. If it had not been for Yuvi, Ireland would surely have made a bigger total. Piyush Chawla has the worst bowling figures and Munaf did not bowl up to expectations in his later spell. Yuvi is a part-time bowler - are we going to depend on him to get us wickets & win the World Cup?!!

    Gambhir has failed to deliver and looks like Sehwag has lost his initial momentum. Maybe in the game against Netherlands Dhoni could indulge in experimenting - let Sachin & Sehwag open the innings, promote Yusuf to No.3 (he is being wasted lower down the order!) and replace Chawla with Nehra. Nehra should definitely play against South Africa and he could be tried out first against Netherlands.

    In the manner in which we have played against Ireland, definitely does not look like we are within even touching distance of the trophy!


  • #2410
    @vandana my dear friend vandana says india is a strong team just on paper...i totally disagree as team like ireland and bangladesh really a improving team and they are playing cricket for so many years now...players of bangladesh and ireland have a good experience of county cricket..In 1983 indian team also treated like as bangladesh and ireland but result we all know.WE have to accept that they are good team and ability to give fight to any team..watching last match i really felt so happy that now there will be more good teams in future cricket... about india they are still good team and ability to win this world cup and definitely we will win this world cup...THANK U

  • #2413

    You are right in one sense.There are countless county teams and those who are good in domestic cricket can sign with a team.So playing in county is not making the players more experienced.

    Regarding India's win in this world cup I am still not hopeful.Yesterday the Ireland also shivered us.Definitely they got the energy to shiver by defeating England.That England humbled South Africa.Now this hurted South Africa is coming to swallow us.Definitely it will be a tough match to India and that match will decide our future hopes in this ICC World Cup 2011.

    The match can be won only if all our three departments work together as a team as the South Africans are the most balanced team so far in this ICC World Cup 2011.

  • #2415
    @abid areacode here i agree there are countless county teams but on the other hand they are playing cricket only..i just want to say that if we go 3-4 years back team ireland and bangladesh does not considered a good team but one question rise in my mind how they catch attraction in cricket world that every strong team not taking them lightly??..answer is simple they are improving teams and if they are giving fights to strong i do not find any surprise.. now we have to change our view that team like them can't be easily defeated..about india vs south africa they are balance side but one of the most disadvantage they have that they have to play against india in indian piches only..problem with india is they have to replace piyush chavla.and if they wanted to go with two spinners then they should give one chance to ashwin..thank u

  • #2422
    You are right.Every team has its own strengths and weekness.Every one says Kenya was the semifinalist once.Actually an easy way opened before them and they reached the semifinals in that year.It does not mean they were the best fourth team in that year.But at present every team has to be cared well.All are playing with unpredictable spirit.India may also show wonders if we look in that sense.But the matches ended so far are not at all giving a strong decission.If it continues so it will be difficult to India to win ICC World Cup 2011.

  • #2427
    No .. there are also other strong teams...

  • #2448
    congratulation india won by 5 wickets but our top 4 batsmen lost their wicket in crucial time..their strike rate were above 100 it right game plan to play fast ????

    plz give comments on my new article..

  • #2449
    now India has won one more match.
    so far, India is the only team in group B who has not tasted a defeat in ICC world cup 2011

    Now India is leading the table with 3 victories and 1 tie against England. india's two matches are remaining - one against West Indies and the other against South Africa. so far India had played with weaker teams int he group (Except England, but India didn't enable to clinch victory in that match).

    India won the todays match by 5 wickets, but it is not that much appreciable. After finishing their innings for 189, India lost five wickets before scoring the victory runs. again yuvraj singh is the hero of the match. He took 2 wickets and 51 runs. Openers gave a fast scoring start, but failed to make a good partnership.

    Hope India will will clear their mistakes and will make their way to knock out round


    Ibrahim N

  • #2453
    India entered the ICC World Cup 2011 Quarter finals.But so far our rout was not bitter in paper, but we sweatened in each match.Yesterday against Holland also we struggled.The next two teams we have to encounter is South Africa and West Indies.If we defeat both of them surely this team can win the ICC World Cup 2011.Else it will be difficult to go ahead in this streessful event.

  • #2472
    Well, Sehwag and Sachin opened the innings and Yusuf was promoted to 3rd spot for the Netherlands match - did Dhoni read my response here or what?!! Not that it mattered - after a quickfire 11 runs, Yusuf got out. In fact, the supposedly "world's best batting lineup" was all at sea against Netherlands of all the teams! Yet again, it was Yuvi who came to the rescue.

    If this is the way we play against minnows, how on earth are we going to face the more fancied teams? India winning the World Cup? Perish the thought!


  • #2478
    Favourite England faced the music at the hands of Bangladesh today. It was a great set back for the English team. Upsets are to happen again. All the conditions were made conveniently tailor made to the likes of Indians. Before meeting strong teams like South Africa, West Indies, India is almost thru to the Quarters. The gap for rest compared to the other teams is also more. The change in venue from Eden to Chinnaswamy is also a ploy. Grounds are curated for tonnes of runs as our strength atleast on paper lies on Bat. Ground support is natural. What else one requires as a support. However, predictions become tough on review of the past matches. Only a remote chance exists to indians to win the Cup in 2011 at this stage and the favourites are, to my reading, South Africa, Australia or Sri Lanka. Let us wish that miracles are going to happen in Cricket 2011 and Indians should not be deprived of such miracles.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

  • #2503
    Indian cricket team under Mr Cool proved that their 9 strong batsmen can be dismissed in 9 overs within 29 runs ! Their strength remains only on paper. Almost all the pitches, whether it be Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, are 300 + runs and even the minnows are trying to get to that level. Poor bowlers are put to great efforts. The player of the series should be the best curator. India would not be able to knock the doors at semi finals. After all, as Captain said, one should not play to the crowd. Recently, Mr cool remains Not Out with very low scores and he is not taking efforts to get his normal batting. Crowds are the strength of home team every where and it was belittling comment. Let wiser counsel prevail upon Mr Cool and the Indian team atleast for few more days.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

  • #2508
    There is a proverb in Malayalam - "Andiyodadukkumpozhae mangayude puliyariyoo". Exactly what happened two days ago is that.Our team India won the previous matches narrowly.All of them were against week teams of the tournament.In all of them we sweated well also to win the matches.But when the real lions came in front we became cats.

    A good opening partnership was created by Sehwag and Sachin.But losing 9 wickets within 29 runs was like a dream - Incredible India !Since we had already entered the quarterfinals it is the only relief.If this was in second or third match definitely we will be ousted in preliminary round itself.

    Now the well heaten West Indies is coming to face India.We can wait and see.In my opinion this South Africa has the chance to win this ICC World Cup 2011 rather than our India.

  • #2510
    y u all are losing hopes..if u see all strong teams this time not giving their best ..i m confident that india will do more better in quarterfinals then semis and a big final....about west indies india had capability to beat west indies comfortably...

  • #2511
    PROBLEM WITH Indian team that they do not making effective game plan against good teams ..they should know what area they are strong..and its definitely our batting side...instead of munaf patel.. sreesanth should given one he have the capability to bowl at death zaheer khan ..problem with munaf patel is he don't have pace and giving same type of ball..not have varieties...and dhoni making mistakes that he is not using right bowlers at right time...captain should know how to use his main bowler i.e zaheer kahn...last match he should send another bowler at 49th over so that zaheer could do last one...if these mistakes will be healed i bet u guys INDIA will be champion of this tournament.......

  • #2512
    Hi friends, Indian Team again proving that don't believe on us to win the World Cup.Losing 9 wickets within 29 runs, what is this.

    See India won the matches only with Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands not with England and South Africa.

    But in Quarter and Semi Finals, Bangladesh, Ireland and Netherlands wont come. Teams like South Africa, Australia will come. Be aware of it.

    Playing good for 40 overs, losing wickets for next 10 overs was utterly waste...

  • #2513
    Indian openers made a awesome starting for India against South Africa. Indian players lack proper planing. They played very well till 40th over. But after that they failed to score. They lost all wickets very quickly.

    But the main fault is with bowlers. No one is able to shoe their ability even on Indian soil. Even the last over bowled by Nehra clearly shows that he lacks confidence. They scored 13 runs very easily by hitting a six and four in the first two balls of the over.

    So India should concentrate on their bowling. Other wise India might find difficult to win their match in quarter finlas.


    Ibrahim N

  • #2522
    Indian batsmen had beleived that power play is hard hitting play.That concept is to be changed first.Look to the power play of Australia and South Africa.Study them and practice it.Also Yusaf Pathan was much expected batsman of India.But he also couldn't build a good innings due to this mind.Captain has to improve himself in taking decissions.

    India is a team with good batsmen and poor bowlers.So we may not be able to bowl out a whole team.So what we have to do is bat first and make a good total.Then only our bowlers can bowl without tension.Unfortunately our batsmen hadn't clicked in a match except Sachin,Sewag and Yuvaraj.They also had performed individually , not as a team except the opening partnership against SA.

    In this condition we have to care that in quarter finals the teams from other group are coming.It is Aussies,Srilanka,Newzeland and Pakistan.The match against any one of this team will really shiver us in their present form.

  • #2542
    It is sad that most media reports are pointing fingers at Dhoni for choosing Nehra to bowl the last over against South Africa. On the face of it, it would not really have mattered as to who bowled that over. After all, it is in the last over that batsmen somehow or the other manage to dig deep into their personal reserve of energy and come out with their best-ever performance. This is the case with the tailenders too, as was proved in the match Bangladesh won over England. So it was to be expected that Peterson and Plassis would go flat out to get those crucial winning runs. Nehra is an experienced bowler and he cannot be faulted for how he bowled.

    The blame lies squarely with the middle-order collapse and the horrendous catches dropped in the field. As I said earlier, the team batting time & again tends to collapse when Sachin gets out. What we need is cool heads. Moreover, Yusuf has not played to his potential at all. Is he good only for IPL matches?!

    As one critic had rightly said, IPL does not show the true cricketers. It is only in a major competition like the World Cup that we can make out the truly consistent and best cricketers in a team. Others are just has-beens. This is exactly what our team has revealed - the consistent ones are only Sachin, Sehwag and Zaheer. No way is India going to win with 3 performers!


  • #2555
    If any one had a thought that those performed well in IPL will lead us to ICC World Cup, they are in heaven of fools.Leave it here now itself.But Yusaf had performed well in South Africa and that is why he was the attention in this ICC world cup 2011.

    As Vandana said out of eleven players only 3 or 4 are consistant.We expected more from our spinners in the dead pitches of India.But none of them raised to the occation.

    How this team can win World Cup Title?Really sorry to ask.

  • #2577
    Hello Guys

    India is having good chance to win the world cup 2011, if the team gets in to Quarterfinals. ICC is desperate to preset the world cup to India, ICC is panning to reschedule , the Venues of Quarterfinals, and Semifinals. Venues are made in favor of th ehome side.

    If any one of the home side, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Idia gets in to the Knock out stage, the team will play in theire home ground, Erlier the Venuses of quarter finals and One of the Semifinals were scheduled win Bangladesh and Sri lanks, if India have to play in any one of the Games scheduled out side India, The game will be rescheduled to a venue in India. If any of the host country have a game against India, the venue will be decided on the ODI rankings of the teams, that means will play in India

  • #2623
    Now India had got the chance to perform the "Giant Killing".The three time consecutive winner Australia which had a lot of defeats in recent days are face to face with team India.It is the time to prove the class of Indian batting depth and bowling length.If India can overcome this Australian team surely they can reach the finals of this ICC World Cup 2011. Why India cannot , if Pakistan can defeat Australia?

  • #2640
    Hai friends

    At last India has reached the knock out round. Now they have to play against the four times champion Australia. Indians had defeated Australia in the practice match. This will provide some confidence for the indian players. Plating on the Indian soil is a great advantage for the Indians. Indians should make use of their spinners. The same spinners were responsible for the marvelous victory against Australia in the practice match.

    In their last match in the group section against west indies again Yuvaraj Singh was the hero. He scored a superb century because of which India enables to cross 250. but India got all out in that match also. so it is creating more tensions for the players. Now it is a do or die situation for all the teams. Hope India can win all the matches in the knock out round and will win the cupThe quarter finals will start from 23rd onwards. Out of the total 14 teams, 8 teams, 4 from each group are qualified for the quarter finals. Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia and Newzeland entered quarter finals from group A and South Africa, India, England and West Indies qualified from group B.

    To get match schedules; follow the link

    ICC World cup; Quarter finals fixture


    Ibrahim N

  • #2641
    n quarter finals, Pakistan will play the first match against the fourth position West Indies in group B on 23rd march at Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Mirpur. India will met Australia in the 2nd Quarter finals. This match will be played at Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedhabad on 24th March. South Africa will play against Newzeland in the 3rd quarter finals which will be played at Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Mirpur. The last quarter finals will be played between the number 2 Srilanka in group A and number 3 England in group B at R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo on 26th March.


    Quarter Final 1
    Group A1 vs Group B4
    Date : 23 March 2011
    Pakistan vs West Indies
    Stadium : Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Mirpur

    Quarter Final 2
    Group A3 vs Group B2
    Date : 24 March 2011
    Australia vs India
    Stadium : Sardar Patel Stadium

    Quarter Final 3
    Group A4 vs Group B1
    Date : 25 March 2011
    South Africa vs New Zealand
    Stadium : Sher-e-Bangla Cricket Stadium, Mirpur

    Quarter Final 4
    Group A2 vs Group B3
    Date : 26 March 2011
    Sri Lanka vs England
    Stadium :R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo


    Ibrahim N

  • #2644

    Why inida Reluctant to Play out side the country..?? Fear of Losing...??

    The Venue was rescheduled in favor of India, ICC is desperate that India should win the ICC world Cup 2011, it bring more money to ICC, unlike FIFA ICC is more interested in making money out of the Game rather than promoting it

    ICC feared that India would reaper the 2006 world cup , so they made the larger and Safe group to make sure India gets through, Now to ensure the World cup to India they imposed something new, changing the venues in favor of India,

    The Quarter final which was originally scheduled at Mirpur in Bangladesh is now moved to India, If India progresses to Semi final India will get the Home advantage, India will be playing only in India

    If India beats Australia, the semis scheduled in Colombo will be moved to some Indian venues, Why India fearing to play out side the country, it is shame on India and ICC, real champions should be able to take up the challenges, why India always wanna be in the safer zone

  • #2649
    Hi Raj

    You are certainly correct! ICC want India to hold this World cup. They have been doing everything they can. This shifting of quarter final venue to India's home ground is just another attempt to support India. ICC knows if India gets out of the world cup, there will be less audience and hence less income. The new match fixture is also to support big teams like India. Remember the fate of 2007 world cup where India and Pakistan where out in the first stage itself.

    Anyway, it's good to see India in the quarter final stage. But in the same time, it's sad that India can't get into the semi finals very easily, unless all the team members can produce what they are capable of. Australia vs India will be a good match to watch. Let's wait and watch how Indian batsmen will face the great Aussie bowling.

    Lijin T

  • #2680
    What Raj raised here is a genuine question.India has fear inside.ICC had more fear than Indian team.So all are doing in favour of India.A real champion is the champion irrespective of the ground played.That is what Australia proved in last three ICC world cups.India also have to prove it.Also team India could have deny this favour and boldly declare that we are ready to play at any ground in the world.Usually only one team has the advantage of home ground.Here two teams - India nad Srilanka have the advantage from quarterfinal onwards.All the other teams are playing in away ground.Why we could not reach to their mind level then?
    OK, if India losses to Australia all these will become vein.Let us wait and see.

  • #2726
    Hurray! India defeated Australia. For the first time in this World Cup, the men in blue seemed to work like a cohesive unit. Very good bowling, super fielding and steady batting - it was a dream come true.

    A few records in this game were reached: Dhoni captained his 100th ODI match; Sachin reached 18,000 runs in ODI games; Yuvi has got 4 man of the match awards. Wow!

    Now comes yet another major task - defeating Pakistan in the semi-finals. It is to be noted that India has never lost to Pakistan in the World Cup so let's hope that record is maintained. I still feel, though, that if India reaches the final they could crack under the pressure (though of course secretly I am hoping India does win the trophy!!)


  • #2748
    Surely India will win this world cup 2011. I am giving some points about this statement.

    In the present time India is performing very well. In batting department there are many players who can change the destiny. First of all Virender is performing in this world cup very well. Next Yuvraj singh is also playing a role of good allrounder in this world cup. He is performing with bat and ball very well.He is chosen 4 time Man of the match in this world cup 2011.

    Next Virat is also a good batsman.He is also playing a good role in this world cup 2011. Next Gautam gambir is also in form and performing well.

    MS Dhoni is performing a good Captainship.Yusaf is also a good bats cum bowler. Now Little Master Sachin is the role model for everyone. He is also making day by day making a lot of new record. He is also in the form in this world cup 2011.

    In Bowling department Zahir khan is playing very good role for India.Next yavraj is performinfg well. R.Aswin is performing well. Harbajan singh Can ability to change the match.

    Playing in home ground is very good for India. Local Supporters are giving support to India in each and every match. So According to these things, we can say that India will surely win this world cup 2011.

    ----------------Best Of Luck------------------------>


    -----------Win The World Cup------------------------>


    Gopal Singh Rawat

  • #2848
    Hello dear Webmasters and senior members, a very nice topic for GD, According to me India is going to win this world cup for sure. By seeing India's performance in the last game(India vs Australia), one can easily guess the name of the winner of ICC World Cup 2011. There are huge chances of clash between India and Srilanka in the World Cup Final. If this happen then India will have to perform exceptionally well in all the departments of game.
    Indian should practice hard to bat on yorker balls, because most of the Srilankan bowlers love to bowl in that area(specially in the death overs). India should try to bowl good. Sharishant should come back in team.
    This was my views, thanks for reading them.

    Narender Sharma.
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  • #2875
    India had changed its one of the performing bowler Aswin.Instead more experienced Ashish Nehra is in.Was this change necessary ?The team that won against Australia was well set up team.It should not have changed.

    Still I am worry about our bowling department.Can one Zahir pull all these PAkistanis?Where is our Bhaji?Will Yuvaraj show magic with balls today?Will Pathan's substitute Raina justify his selection?Let us all wait and see for the best result in this ICC World Cup 2011 semifinal.

  • #2878
    India had scored 260 runs in 50 overs.Our batsmen didn't do well except the star attraction of this ICC World Cup 2011 Sachin Tendulkar.Sachin had scored 85 runs.

    Now our bowlers are rising to the occation.Eventhough Yuvaraj failed with bat he is in form with ball.He had dismissed two Pakistanis already.Hope he will do more to lead India to the finals of the ICC World Cup 2011.

  • #2896

    Now it's very interesting India has reached in the World Cup 2011 final.
    They have to play against Srilanka in the final match. After winning very good matches India has reached in the final. In quarter final match against Australia, It is a big match also. We can say that this match was a complete final match because Australia is very good team and a world champion team. So in that tight match India has won at last against Australia. After that in the semi final match against Pakistan, It is also a very good match. India has also won that match in a tight and struggle condition. The match between India and Pakistan is always very pressured match. So both teams do not want to lose game against each other due to their country's people. But in this match India and Pakistan are playing cricket against other not other thing. After India has won the match.So seeing these situation we can say that India is in very good condition to win this world cup 2011.

    I am wishing for India and best of Luck.

    With Regards
    Gopal Singh Rawat

  • #2898

    I wish all the Best for Indian team to win this world cup. I am proud to be an Indian always. In last two matches, India showed their real talent and now in a very good condition to win this worldcup. In the quarter final India defeated the previous World Champions Australia in a thrilling match. Really, I am thrilled to watch that match and when India won the match, I understood that my dream now coming to be true. In the semi final, India defeated the strong Paksithan with their fair performance in the bowling department. Prior to the match, Paksithan Captain gave a warning to India that they don't allow India to win this world cup. So every Indians' heart thirst for the success in that match. At last, India beat Paksithan for 29 runs. So waiting for the grand finale against Sri Lanka. In this time, I wish the entire Indian Team my best wishes tow win this World Cup.


    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #2907
    Yes absolutely India will surely win this world cup 2011. In this time after reaching in world cup 2011 final everybody is full of feeling of proud for being an Indian. Really Our team has performed in this world cup series very well. Due to their performance in world cup series We are proud on our team. After defeating in quarter final to Australia and in semi final match to Pakistan, India is on fire. Surely we will get world cup after defeating Srilanka in final in Mumbai. Best of Luck India for World Cup. Chak de India.

  • #2911
    India is having a good team with team spirit. All countries are having good teams and all the matches are played with good match spirit. To me the playing spiritedly by the concerned teams than the winning or loss of any particular team is more important. One teams should win the match.

    Winning depends on several factors. The foremost one is the regular practice of the team members and keeping themselves fit. Another factor is playing well. A One more factor is the the team members not to be party of match fixing. bove all the one of the main factor is luck.

    In this match I feel that Sri Lanka will win the cup. Both the Indian and Sri Lanka n teams were steady in the matches.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

  • #2916
    In first round matches India was struggling for win against all the teams.In that struggle when the acid test came against South Africa we failed.But in quarter final of ICC World Cup 2011 we had the fire test of existence.It was Australia and we easily came out successfully.In semifinal of ICC World Cup 2011 the ever rivals Pakistan came to stop Indian Express's dream journey.They also couldn't.

    Now I think as a team India had combines and set.Now it is not able to break it unless the team management decides.So in Final also we can expect this team spirit especially when Team India has to give a royal sent off to the legend of Cricket - Sachin Tendulkar.

    Yes, India can win ICC World Cup 2011 !!!

  • #2918
    Although India failed to excel in the initial matches, their team spirit slowly improved to higher and higher. That happend after the match with South Africa. The loss created a good motivation to India and they decided to not repeat the loss again. Then we saw the true sprit of every member in the match against Australia. When we have to beat Paksithan, the same team spirit had a good role. Now India in a very good form and each member in Indian Squad have the confidence to win the cup. This will really help them. The final will be crucial to both Sri Lanka and India. In case of Srilanka, this is the last match of their top bolwer Muraleedharan. Every Sreelankan would like to win the cup and have to make a good cent off to him. In case of India, this may be the last world cup of Sachin. And he is just short of one century for his 100th international century. So this may create some little pressure to the little batsman. But we dont have to worry that in such crucial situations, sachin could come with great performance. So let us hope that India will win this World Cup.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #2948
    So after a fantastic discussion through the nook and corner of the Indian team we had made India to win the ICC World Cup 2011.Hope India could keep the consistancy in winning more and more trophies that come in future.Congratulations to Team India.

  • #2949
    Dear Members,
    A splendid match played by India to win the cricket world cup 2011 for the 1.21 billion hearts.We had a hot discussion here. So now its the time wind up this discussion.Special thanks for all those who actively participated in the group discussion.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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