Meet the Team SpiderKerala provides updated information on various topics and happening in the state of Kerala. This is a community where every one can discuss on a wide range of topics.

SpiderKerala provides a platform for all the people of Kerala to share their views on various topics. In addition, we do offer the platforms like resources, discussion forums, communities, Business Directory, Classifieds and few others coming soon.

One of the main features of SpiderKerala.NET is "All the members who contribute will get 90% of Google Adsense revenue from their pages for a specific period of time". There will be special awards also which will be introduced shortly.

Biju Cherian is the Webmaster of SpiderKerala and is responsible for the day to day management of the website including building up and editing database and handling member relations. He will be your contact person for almost all the site related issues. For any assistance / guidance / complaint, you can contact him by visiting his profile and sending a message.

Dr. Sanjeev is the webmaster of SpiderKerala along with all other Revenue Sharing Spider Websites. Dr. Sanjeev guides the whole SpiderKerala team, monitors search engine optimization and handles member relations. His overall efforts from the beginning day of the website have helped SpiderKerala in all aspects.

Tony John is the founder webmaster of SpiderKerala. He is also a Microsoft MVP and is founder of all the Revenue Sharing Partner Websites of SpiderKerala . Mr. Tony John is responsible for development and technical aspects of this website. Also, he takes care of business development, partnerships and advertising departments.

Kumaraditya Sarkar is the Webmaster of the sister websites of SpiderKerala like PunjabSpider and, as well as the Site Coordinator of all Revenue Sharing Spider Websites along with Mahesh Borse. You can contact him for any guidance such as SEO.

Mahesh Borse is the Webmaster of MaharashtraSpider and PuneSpider as well as the Site Coordinator of all Revenue Sharing Spider Websites along with Kumaraditya Sarkar. He is also an expert in SEO. If you have any query and can't reach the Webmaster (first from top), you can contact either Mahesh Borse or Kumaraditya Sarkar.