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    Guidelines to Follow at SPK While Posting Your Articles

    Hello Friends,

    I am happy to see that at SPK everyday, we are having good number of visitors. Day by day we are getting huge traffic from all over the world. It means our resources are viewed by many visitors. This is the time we need to adopt slight modifications on our posts which will not only fetch more traffic but also fetch more revenue to the site. For better optimization use good keywords. Keywords are nothing but common words often used by people to search for particular information on net. So here I have listed some points which would help you to write better resources that would fetch more revenue and value to the site. More revenue to the site means you would get more earnings from SPK.

    1) Do not use lot of Html tags in your posts. Keep your posts as simple as possible and use some common basic html tags.

    2) Title of your resource is all the most important. So do take care to avoid spelling mistakes on titles. Make use of spell check to avoid spelling mistakes on your posts.

    3) Make use of good keywords on your title and on side headings for better optimization on search engines, so that your posts will be indexed on the first page of search engine.

    4) Make use of good keywords on your posts and don't forget to highlight it using bold tag. i.e. <B>tag.

    5) Use <H2> tag only once on your resource and make use of <H3>, <H4> tags respectively for your side headings. Do not leave one line spacing after these tags as this tag by default leaves a space.

    5) Do not give links for external websites on your posts. But you can create a clikable link to other posts of SPK.

    6) You are even allowed to use hyperlinks to refer your posts on other spidersites. But in that case make use of the attribute, target='_blank' in hyperlink tag. This makes the visitor to stay on your current page while opening the new post on another window. i.e. <a href='Url here' target='_blank' >

    7) Do not use direct links referring to other external websites, which would lead visitors to move on from your page. If you want to refer to any external website make use of bookmarks. Make use of good keywords while title your bookmarks. If at all you want to refer other external website links within your posts, then don't use <a href>tag. Just type the url as it is. This would make the visitors stay on your posts.

    8) Last and most important point is that, Copied content is strictly not allowed anywhere at Spiderkerala, as it brings down the reputation of the site.

    Hope all of you would take some initiative in following the above points. So I wish you all the best for your future earnings from SPK. Happy Posting! Happy Earnings! Happy Experience! That's our SPK. Thank you all.
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    Hi Sowmya

    This is a very good forum message for all the members in SPK. Let everyone make use of it.

    Lijin T

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    Thanks for posting this important information as it helps new members of spider kerala like me.

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    Hi Soumya,

    These guidelines seems to be very useful especially for new Spider Kerala Members. Thank you for delivering these valuable guidelines and promoting the new members to achieve their goal in SPK.

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