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    Ultra Mega World Cup Cricket Prediction Contest-Registration here to participate


    Dear Members,
    As we have announced, the Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest the time has come for the members to register their names for active participation. Unlike the other prediction contests which are running successfully here in SpiderKerala, the Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest is the biggest contest ever had in any of our spider sites. The most attractive feature of this Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest is that all members who participate in each contest will be given Rs 25 as special participation prize.

    ICC World Cup 2011 Quarter Finals
    Cash Prize for each Quarter Final prediction contest will be Rs 250. In total Rs 1000 will be distributed for predicting 4 Quarter Final Matches.

    ICC World Cup 2011 Semi Finals
    Cash Prize for each Semi Final prediction contest will be Rs 500. In total Rs 1000 will be distributed for predicting 2 Semi Final Matches.

    ICC World Cup 2011 Final
    Cash Prize for biggest event, the world cup Final prediction contest will be Rs 1000.

    In total each member participating in all the 7 Ultra Mega Contest (4 quarterfinal+2 semifinal+ Final) has an equal possibility to win great cash rewards. (Rs 1000 for quarter final prediction+ Rs 1000 for semifinal prediction+Rs 1000 for final prediction+ Rs 175 for participating in all the 7 contests). In total each member has a great chance to earn Rs 3175 just from the prediction contests.

    What is Ultra Mega World Cup Cricket Prediction Contest

    Ultra World Cup Prediction Contest is most exciting world cup prediction contest in which the members have to make predictions to the questions based on the upcoming matches.

    How to participate in the Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest

    This contest is wide open to all members of SpiderKerala. As this contest is very special for us, members who wish to participate in all the 7 contests have to register their spot under this forum thread on or before 20th March 2011. Members can register themselves responding to this thread with few words about your expectations about the contest.

    A model format for registering in the Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest

    I am very happy to be a part of this prediction contest. I had been participating in all the contests and had won cash rewards for my right predictions. I am taking this Ultra Mega Prediction contest as a challenge. Hope to give my best and earn good cash rewards.

    This forum thread will be locked at 11 PM on 20th March 2011. Fresh forum threads carrying prediction questions will be unveiled on 21st March. Each prediction contests will be carried out in separate forum threads. In total there would be 7 separate forum threads.

    To remember, only those members who have registered their name under this forum thread would be eligible to participate in the contest. No further questions or comments regarding this contest will be entertained. So to make sure of your participation register your name under this forum thread. We wish all a successful participation.

    New members can join the contest by registering here.

    Register me in SpiderKerala

    After registering in SpiderKerala leave a comment here.

    Register me for the Ultra Mega Prediction Contest Entry

  • #2537
    Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest is the Biggest contest From Spiderkerala Team. This contest can create a big Traffics in the Forums.
    Main Advantage Behind this contest is Every participant who participating in this contest will get Money.

    Matches are becoming very hot we are Expecting some good man of the match performances in Quarter,Semi and Final Matches. I can Participate in all the match predictions in the spiderkerala contests.

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    Hello Biju,

    I am thrilled to register my name for the Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Cricket contest at SpiderKerala. In fact, I was happy right at the outset, when you began this contest because I had taken part in a similar cricket contest at ISC a couple of years ago & there is nothing more exciting that trying to foretell the future!

    Although none of my entries for the other contests here have won me anything, nevertheless, I will continue to take part in all related contests. I take part for the fun of it anyway!

    I love ODI games and lustily cheer the men in blue when watching them on TV (my family members often have to tell me to control my noisy cheers!!!). So here, at SpiderKerala, I will lustily cheer my co-participants too - come on, everyone...let's win!


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    Hello Members,

    This is an awesome contest from spiderkaerala and i had not ever seen such an exciting contest in any of the spider sites. It is a great opportunity for members to earn cool cash credits by just taking part in some simple prediction contests.

    SPK is already having ICC World Cup prediction contest, but this is some thing really amazing! and was just excited to see this ultra mega contest in SPK. My hearty thanks for Biju sir who introduced such a wonderful contest in the site.

    So dear members! just go through with your lucky predictions here and win exciting cash credits!

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

  • #2546
    Hello Webmaster,

    Thanks for coming with such a prediction contest. This type of contests is very rare. The main feature of the ultra mega prediction contest is that it gives cash for every one participating in it.

    Already there are so many contests running here such as prediction contests and also contests related with posting. Spiderkerala is always ahead. I participated in the prediction contests, but my predictions were not the right ones. But, I will continue to participate in all the contest and will win the ultra mega prediction contest. I am confident that I can.

    Members, I know you are also excited like me. Hope all we really make this contest a mega success.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #2551
    This is one of the greatest opportunity for all members in SPK to earn maximum revenue. I am extremely happy to participate in this contest. I think that I can earn maximum revenue from playing ultra mega prediction contest.
    Forum Editor SPK

  • #2552
    Hello webmasters, iam also very happy to be participating in this contest. I will try to make accurate predictions and try to win the revenues.

  • #2553
    Hello Webmaster,

    This is an Amazing oppurtunity for the members of Spiderkerala.
    Ultra Mega prediction contest is the Biggest contest that spiderkerala given to us. I will Participate in all the Match predictions.



  • #2554
    Hello Mr. Biju Cherian,

    Ultra Mega World Cup Cricket Prediction Contest in SPK is amazing World cup Contests.

    I would like to participate in Ultra Mega World Cup Cricket Prediction Contest at SPK.


    Nadheera V

  • #2557
    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #2558
    Hello Sir

    Thanks for coming up with this new contest and this prediction contest is a wonderful opportunity for members at SPK to get an amount of Rs. 3175/- just for their prediction.

    In our prediction contests on earlier matches, luck favoured me and I was selected as one of the winner in 5th prediction contests.

    In this ultra mega contests too, I would like to participate and I will try to predict accurately.

    So members, try your luck here and win the ultra mega prediction contests with cash credits!!


  • #2562

    It's a great idea and nice initiative to inspire members. Let me also join in this contest.


  • #2579
    SPK has come up with another exciting prediction contest on world cup. This is a golden opportunity for the Spider Kerala members

    I am very glad to register for this competition.
    Thannking SPK for providing such an opportunity


    Ibrahim N

  • #2586
    Hello Biju Sir,

    SpiderKerala(SPK) has been on an overwhelming note since its launch and the guidance given out by members upon their beautiful journey in SPK.

    Since SPK has been touching a tremendous note of competition, the Ultra Mega Prediction Contest is surely a wonderful topic to watch out for. As said, the prediction win is a great game and gamble for many new comers to SPK Team.

    I would request Webmaster sir to avail me an opportunity to this tremendous contest. Since I am new to the SPK Team, I hope there can be a beautiful watch over to this contest in next few days.

    Sashwato Chatterjee

  • #2588
    What a contest!

    I am really wondered to see a prediction contest like this in SPK. This is a great opportunity for the SPK members to earn just by predicting the great events in this ICC World cup matches.

    Lijin T

  • #2590
    Hello Mr. Biju Cherian,

    It is great pleasure to be a part of the contest

  • #2591
    Hello sir,
    Thank you for presenting a wonderfull contest before the members of SPK. Ultra Mega Prediction contest is really an amazing contest I had ever seen. I'm very happy to take part in this contest. It is sure that all the contests you had posted, motivate new members including me. I did participate all the prediction contests. But I was unlucky. None of my prediction went right. Next time it won't be like that. I'm taking this as a challenge. It is a big opertunity to earn maximum from SPK. So friends, why waiting? Try your luck.
    Once again my hearty thanks for Biju sir who introduced this wonderful contest.

    Sai krishna

  • #2598
    This is my prediction Pakistan play with West Indies
    Srilanka with England
    Australia with India
    Newzeland with SA

  • #2608
    Hello Biju,

    Your idea is wonderfull. I am really excited about the contest.
    And My prediction is winner would be SouthAfrica.

  • #2614
    Hi sir,

    I am very glad to participate this contest.This type of contests will increase the standards of SPK.a good attempt.
    with regards

  • #2616
    Hi ,
    I want to participate.

  • #2808
    Hello Biju Cherian(Webmaster),

    This is a very good oppurtunity for the members of SpiderKerala and other who want to join it.Ultra Mega prediction contest is the biggest contest that SpiderKerala organised for us. I want to participate in the match predictions through this contest.

    With Regards
    Gopal Singh Rawat

  • #2858
    Hi Biju,

    Glad to know the thrilling Ultra mega prediction contest and I would like to participate.
    I love to watch cricket but I don't get time, so I prefer to see highlights.But I saw one full match just because I participated one of the SPK contest!! Hope India will win the match and I will win the price!

  • #2908
    i am new to this site.this seems to be a fantastic contest,i am in it.

    safvan p

  • #2928
    Hello Biju sir,

    I want to say thanks for accepting my request of allowing me to participate in this contest.

    My answers are
    2)Sachin Tendulkar

  • #2941
    I am sure india will definitely win the world cup match. I can visualize Sachin, Dhoni and the other indian cricket team holding the world cup today. Its going to be a rocking and remembrable day for the cricket fans.

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