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    Post only on Kerala related topics

    Hello friends,

    SpiderKerala is doing great in terms of traffic and revenue and all the credit goes to the hard-working members of this website. However, of late I have noticed some general universal posts which we strictly don't encourage. By posting universal non-Kerala related things, we may get some immediate traffic, but that is a very harmful practice and will destroy the reputation of the website.

    We must concentrate on posting Kerala related articles only. In some rare cases we may allow or invite members to write on one or two non-Kerala related posts; but 90% of the articles of the site should be on Kerala. This will give us a good reputation and the search engines will prioritize us when it will come to Kerala.

    Members are requested not to post universal topics. Please post Kerala related topics only. We were used to approve such topics thinking that deletion of posts might demotivate the members. But we cannot continue that practice by risking the site itself! We won't delete existing resources on general topics, but no general topics will be approved any more.
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    I understood that we have to post the topic related to Kerala but couldn't understand how it became harmful practise if we post something universal? Was there any such restriction here?

    I hope World Cup cricket and the contests we are having it here is a universal topic!!!!


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    I agreed to the matter that SPK must concentrate in kerala related topics. But I could not think that it will harmful to SPK, if the topic is of universal. How ithappend? Keralites always eager to know the universal things. SO we post on them ? Any way-- it will surely demotivate the members if the posts on universal topics get deleted from now. I request to reconsider the decision. We will concentrate in Kerala related topics, but will also post in some important universal topics.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hello Minu and Roshin,

    Actually, if we post universal things, the search engines will mess up about the character of the website. On the other hand, if SpiderKerala concentrates more on Kerala related topic (and not only SpiderKerala but all regional websites regarding their respective regions), then its reputation in the search engines will increase. We do not want SpiderKerala to be a Khichdi website. I agree that posting general topics will bring us some traffic for now but in the long run that will affect the site's reputation and performance. Do we want a single day profit or a long term profit?

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    Hello Kumaraditya Sarkar,

    I agreed to you in some ways. But want to know which topics are now restricted. Can I post articles on World Cup Matches, Exam Results. WHat about Jobs and vacancies that are available in other states, but can apply for Keralites too. What about Tamil Movies, which is always watched by Malayalees too. What about such topics? Clarify my doubts?

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hello Roshin,

    You can post on World Cup matches if they are played in Kerala. You can post about the match ticket availabilities, parking facilities around that particular stadium, accommodation around the venue and so on. But it is better to avoid general topics or things related to other states. For example, the final is to be played in Mumbai; SpiderKerala can have a forum discussion on it but certainly not resources.

    Do not post all India based jobs, exams and education news. If you want to notify the people of Kerala about them, post them in IndiaStudyChannel or in the respective state site and post a forum thread, with proper back-links. Same should be done for Tamil films; post them in TamilSpider and if you want to notify members and visitors of this website, discuss it in forum with back-links. TamilSpider members should also do the same in return if they are to talk about Malayali films.

    From another perspective, all Spider sites are sister concerns; we look for a healthy cooperation between them and not untidy competition. So if you post West Bengal jobs or Delhi education news in SpiderKerala, you would be interfering with BengalSpider or DelhiSpider. Similarly, we won't encourage Kerala related job and education posts in other sister websites as well.

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    I feel that posting of topics related to other states or of Universal nature will be counterproductive not only from the point of view of revenue earnings. The purpose of state wise sites are to promote and project the topics of the state for the benefit of those who surf. If we add other than the states subjects, then all members will start posting all sorts of matters. The site will lose its relevance. The search engines will have confusion, the useful postings may get sidelined.
    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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