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    Posting Restriction on global topics

    Dear Friends,

    Kumaraditya rightly pointed out about the status of how is going from last few days.

    It is NOT so good to have so many WorldCup Cricket related resources. Our website is not based mainly on Cricket or any sports topics. However, we can post those topics posts without exceeding the limits. Please understand the meaning of "Limit" what we want to say. Spiderkerala.Net is dedicated to provide information about Kerala state. We cannot focus on a particular topics other than Kerala state.

    We have to post about 90% articles which are related to our state.

    I agree that getting lots of traffic from Cricket based topics now a days, however those topics will be useless after end over of the Cricket WorldCup matches.

    We have to work on long term topics which will give us traffic for as long as it can be.

    For example -

    - Educational
    - Politics
    - Jobs & Recruitments
    - State government
    - State information, places to visit, attractions etc.
    - Business posts including school, colleges etc.

    We have to work very smart but not more hard. By using most useful keywords we can catch long term traffic and while sleeping also!!

    We request all of you to focus on state topics, not on global events. If cricket matches's venue is Kerala, then you should focus on it in various way - For example - Tickets, Timetable, how to reach etc.

    This policy is applicable to all spider sites.

    If you have doubts, please feel free.
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    Mahesh I must appreciate your post on this matter. This site has gone over board in promoting to too much extent. I am the member of many spider sites and no other site is so filled with cricket which is very boring to other members who seldom interests in this game. As rightly said this take must take up Kerala issues in right earnest and discuss them thread bare.
    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Thanks Mahesh Sir for the guidance given. As instructed by you I will concentrate more on Kerala related topics. Our Webmaster Biju Sir might have created these contests in the aspect to motivate and encourage members.

    But I have a strong belief and hope that we can be able to bring a lot of traffic to our spiderkerala equally well by posting topics related to Kerala. Here we have lot of efficient members who are capable of bringing up topics related to Kerala. So with that I am so confident about our site growth aspects.


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    Thanks for your guidance. We will concentrate more on Kerala related articles. Please give more cash credits to Kerala related articles.
    But I have a doubt about the cricket contest. If the contest is not conducted by accepting money such type of contests are not considered as betting. SpiderKerala is conducting such type of contest. So please continue the contest.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Firstly Thanks For the Useful Guidance. This spiderkerala Should contains large Resources from kerala related articles. i Don't think Think that Spider kerala is now concentrate on Cricket based articles.
    They got many articles other than cricket.

    It is a Cricket season,so they use Some Contests to make the World cup more interesting. Due to this there are many members join spiderkerala. And Now they post Many Articles this a Success for Spiderkerala.



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    Our intension is not to bother anyone members or programs, but we are making such guidelines to make site progress.

    What will happen, today we are focusing on cricket and later on something else. Search engine will suppose our site have so many types of topics other than Kerala. So search engine may not consider the posts about local issues and state related topics. Then what is the use of having state portal?

    We are not restricting members to post on current events, but giving guidelines to help us to move further.

    We want the equal contribution on local as well as current topics, NOT just on current events, specially non-state.

    I agree, some members joined us with the contents, but we are loosing the reputation in search engine and it is really hard to get back in search engine if we loss our state based topics and resources ranks.

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    I fully support Mahesh's viewpoints. We cannot just take part in contests and put in just cricket-based posts. Members also should not stay away from the site once the cricket contests are over.

    We should collectively work together to post informative resource articles, especially on tourist spots, so that traffic continues to come in long after the contests are over. Our earnings here depend on the site's revenue and if this is affected obviously we will not get good earnings.

    So let's work together, everyone, to improve the site's revenue & rank. Go for it!


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    Hello Sir
    You are right. Your statement is so much correct. This is the web sites related to Kerala.We should post Articles related to Kerala.We should talk Kerala Politics.We should concentrate on Kerala Education.We should post forum related to Kerala.We should talk about Kerala Cricket. All things are going around Kerala but it is the Final state of cricket. We are organizing World cricket cup. More countries' players are coming in India for it. It's a great honour for Every Indian.And Kerala is also the part of India.So that's the question for the WebMaster.

    Thank you Sir For Telling us.


    Gopal Singh Rawat

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