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    ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 Ultra Mega Prediction Contest-3


    Dear Members,
    Finally the World Cup 2011 has reached the second phase with the quarter final matches. As we have announced here begins the Ultra Mega Prediction Contest. The third quarter final match starts on 25th March 2011 as South Africa will clash with Newzealand.Predict your answer to 3 simple Questions and be the winner.The winner will get a cash reward of Rs 250.

    List of eligible members for participating in the Ultra Mega Contests

    1. Ranjith
    2. Vandana
    3. Roshan Salim
    4. Roshin K.P
    5. Nijin Ashok
    6. Rajesh Kumar Pal
    7. Vinu
    8. Nadheera V
    9. Ritesh kumar
    10. S. Sowmya
    11. Minu Asheej
    12. Ibrahim N
    13. Sashwato Chatterjee
    14. Lijin T
    15. Raj
    16. Sai Krishna
    17. Vipul
    18. Ankit
    19. Lijo Joseph
    20. Anton Menezes

    Prediction Questions

    1. Which team will win the Match?
    2. How many centuries will be made in this match?
    3. Who will be judged as the Player of the Match?

    Rules for World Cup Cricket Contest

    1) The prediction for this match will close at 12 PM on 25-03-2011.

    2) All three predictions should be correct for the eligibility of the cash reward.

    3) If more than one person predicted correctly then the cash reward of Rs 250 will be shared among them.

    4) Its going to be an interesting contest, after all its going to last till the entire World Cup Matches.
  • #2666
    1. South Africa
    2. Zero
    3. Kallis

    Lijin T

  • #2669
    1. South Africa
    2. one
    3. AB De Villiers


  • #2677
    Quarter final match 3:
    My predictions are:

    1.South africa will win the match.
    2.One century will be made in this match.
    3.Robin peterson will get man of the match.

  • #2682
    1.South Africa century
    3.Hashim Amla

  • #2685
    I think

    1- South Africa will win the Match
    2- No Centuries
    3- Kallis will get player of the match award


    Nadheera V

  • #2692
    1. South Africa
    2. No centuries
    3. AB de Villiers


  • #2700
    1. South Africa
    2. One Century
    3. AB de Villiers


  • #2711
    Quarter final match 3:
    South Africa vs Newzealand

    My predictions are:

    1.South africa will win the match.

    2.Two centuries will be made in this match.

    3.Robin peterson will be judged as man of the match.

    Sai Krishna

  • #2714
    1. South Africa
    2. 0 century
    3. AB Devilliers.

    Forum Editor SPK

  • #2715
    1.South Africa
    2. One century
    3. Hashim Amla

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

  • #2716
    1.South africa century
    3.jean paul duminy

  • #2723
    south africa
    1 century
    Hashim Amla


    Ibrahim N

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