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    Political Gimmicks

    I was really wondered watching the set of events happening in the Political Arena of Kerala when they are aproaching the Elections for the 13th Legislative Assembly.Politicians are running here and there for gaining a seat for contesting.And those who havent got seat or who were discarded by their parties are trying to come out of the party and trying to join the Opposition just for the sake of grabbing a seat. in this process they are setting aside all the virtues a politician or a social worker should posess.

    This is not a one off issue. Just in the last couple of days, we have seen a lot of such gimmicks happening. To name a few, not to make a personal allegation , but to just substantiate the things, Stephen George of KC-M, who was denied a seat by his party in his home constituency has come out and joined the Opposition and contesting. I was thinking , like what will these people have to tell to the general public . How they will justify their act of joining the Opposotion party just for the sake of getting a seat. Are the public so foolish to believe these politicians.

    The above stated example is just one among the few. We are hearing more such incidents from all over Kerala. We had an era of politicians when they had given utter priority to the virtues they had maintained in their political life. Have to say with sadness, those are the Good Old days...All is gone....Today, do we have any such people. We might have a few, but their numbers are very much limited.

    So, the youth who are coming forward to the social service arena and politics, not just for the sake of contesting in elections and gaining name, they should try to have a clean image and should work for the upliftment of the society.
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    Hi Ron mathew vincent,

    This is Election Season in kerala. we have to see many things at here. In this election season politicians are always guest in our home.They ran for each and every vote they want.

    Talking about joining the opposition party is not a new incident in is really happening.we have good example that.our best old leader he changes from congress to communist. and then from communist to congress keeping his son as a communist. after all climax his son return to congress with his friends.this is not a cinema is a real story.

    One vote is very valuable for the candidates in the kerala niyama sabha election.Candidates are participating in their home town .This is because candidates knows that what are his constituents wants. The people thinks that he is participating his own home town and he can do something if he wins.But the situation is very different from peoples thoughts .Even if the candidate wins,The peoples cannot see hin until 5 years.

    With Regards


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    Dear Friends

    Politics plays very important role everywhere in the economy of country.

    In Kerala It is time for Election Season. In the election period Politicians try to make the mind of general people. It is the time to think correctly and take a good decision for choosing good leader in the Kerala.

    Now a days Our country is developing so much so it's people are also thinking correctly. I think that everybody have to make their mind towards taking decision. Now a days We are living a well developing Country so We all have to thing about it's Politicians also.


    Gopal Singh Rawat
    SPK(Spider Kerala)

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