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    Who will be the next Chief Minister of Kerala-Active Group Discussion


    Dear Members,
    There are some hot questions in discussion around the globe related to kerala. Who will be the next chief minister of kerala? Who will rule kerala for the next term? Which party in kerala will be in power after the election? Unpredictable changes are happening in kerala these days. So we invite our members to join the discussion forum to discussion forum to put their valuable comment regarding this topic. All active participants in this group discussion will get special cash rewards from SpiderKerala. Join this discussion platform to post your views.

    Let it be the people's choice so be a part of this hot discussion.
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    Hi members,

    Kerala Niyamasabha Election 2011 counting on 13th May 2011 .If we are considering the political backgrounds of kerala, swapping of Government in Every elections. So here UDF have a good chance to win. If UDF wins, There is no doubt that Oomen chandy will be the next chief minister of Kerala. Oomen chandy ,he is now 67 years old.He has a great potential to become the Chief minister of kerala.He is the leader of the opposition in the Kerala legislative assembly since 2006. Compared to oomen chandy ,Ramesh chennithala have less strength in the field of politics. The proof for this statement is the political life of oomen chandy.

    Oomen chandy is the candidate of Puthuppally,kottayam district.Puthuppally is Oomen chandy's home town. He always won the elections at here from 1970.Oomen chandy is the most experienced person in Congress after Karunakaran.

    The present circumstances is not good for LDF.Considering the Developments done by LDF in the last 5 years is very poor. This is the right time for the people of kerala to change the rulers of kerala.If we want a good leader and a good situations in kerala we have to vote for right persons.

    With Regards


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    I think Oommen chandy will be next chiefminister of kerala.In the present circumstances there will be no chance for LDF.In the history of previous elections in kerala we saw there is a swapping of government in
    every assembly elections.So I think Oommen chandy will be the next chief minister of kerala and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan will be the opposition leader.

    With regards

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    I also think that Oommen chandy will be the next chiefminister of Kerala.
    After the 13 may 2011 we all will know about the result of election of

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    Why should there be a doubt the next CM will be Oommen Chandi.....The people of Kerala are fools they choose LDF to rule because the previous 5 years was ruled by UDF was not good and now they will choose UDF because the last 5 years Ruled by LDF had some flaws .......i dont belong to either of these parties but as i have seen the rule of LDF is much better than that of UDF because during the rule of UDF only the Businessmen and those who have influence in politics gain but LDF works for the development of the minorities as well as it takes care of the posh society also............lets see what happens

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    I think it is time for the UDF Govt. to come to power primarily because it comprises of an alliance of parties who individually may not get many votes but together their votes can put the UDF at the helm.

    A Chief Minister from the Congress party is a good probability!


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    It will be a tight contest between Ommen chnady and V.S Achuthanandan. V.S Achuthanandan got the shear support from the working class of kerala the current political scenario in kerala is favoring V.S Achuthandan.
    But when it comes to winning the election you have to consider so many factor, there is lot many equations to be matched, probably UDF has got those equations right

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    Hello friends,
    Taking a glance to the present political scenario,chances of the udf government is evident.Then chances for Oomen Chandy being the cheif minister of Kerala is at the top.The appealing nature in the political backgrounds puts him far ahead of Ramesh chennithala.
    But personally i had always thought why a minister don't give as much inspiration a collector give to us,i mean to the youth.

    safvan p

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    As of now the trend in the voting pattern appears to be in favour of the UDF. It is not because of any popularity of UDF. It is because as at present there is no choice for the people except the 2 fronts. It is like selecting between the devil and deep sea.

    However this time the both the fronts will not have clear majority. But the number of seats will b e more for the UDF comparing to the LDF. According to me the front which will be able to attract unattached members and members from the opposite camps will rule the statae this time. In this also UDF will have acutting edge and they can be expected to form the Government with Oommen Chandi. as the CM. will have to depend on groups from the other front.

    The BJP will enter the Assembly this time with about 3 - 4 members.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Hi All,
    I too believe that next ruling party will be UDF for next 5 years. After that again LDF will come. Something like a pattern from last few elections. Hence Umman Chandi will be the CM.
    Any ways who ever comes just hope for a better development of our God's Own Country, though that dream will remain as a dream..

    Thank you..

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    most of the people think that Oommen chandy will be the next chiefminister of Kerala why???????????????????????

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    I also think that Mr. Oommen Chandy will be the next Chief Minister Of Kerala. After Completing 5 years of LDF, It may sure that UDL will come back in Position.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat.

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    The answer to this question a few months before was - Ommen Chandy . But now doubts arise on his victory , owing to the loads of controversies that have struck his alliance .
    The invoke of the Kunhalikutty ice cream parlor case , became a major headache for the alliance .
    Kannur MP Balakrishan's press conference in which he revealed the fact that he had been an eye witness to supreme court judges receiving bribes also made the party in a weak spot .
    The next blow came up when former minister R Balakrishana Pillai was jailed .
    To put an icing for all this , The UDF blocked the distribution of rice for Rs 2 to all the families of Kerala . Although it was stopped because it was a move to attract the Kerala citizens for the elections , the poor and needy do feel that their opportunity to get rice at very low rates was tampered . This also may seem to decrease their prospects of swaying off the election results to their side .
    V S Achuthanandan seems to be able to attract mass audience for his election propaganda , which proves that people sympathize with his inability to rule properly in the past five years . The dictatorship of Prakash Karat and Pinarayi Vijayan in the Kerala politics , had made Achuthanandan crippled .
    Even though these factors have made the chances of UDF dim , it would be very difficult for the LDF also to sway off the results to their side . The most probable outcome of the election would be a hung assembly with the LDF and UDF both holding around 45 percent of the seats .
    We can expect a good bargain for both the alliances , after the elections and most probably the date of oath for the ministers is to get postponed .
    May 13 would be a great day in the history of Kerala politics as the usual rotation of power among the political alliances is going to crash and new political formulas will come to existence .

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    i think that oommen chandy is the next chief minister of kerala

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    Shri.V.S Achuthanandan

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    Well, I go with OommenChandy. It has been a trend in kerala that if one time LDF completes its term, the next election always favours UDF and vice versa. Besides, the predictions for the coming elections are also showing results favouring UDF. So, I guess Oommen Chandy is a likely candidate.

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    I think Oommen chandy will win the elections this time. The current situation shows that the UDF people are working unitedly towards winning it and this will help them to gain majority of the seats. But definitely there will be a tough competition from V.S Achuthanandan. Also, it is Kerala history that the ruling party is always voted out of power.

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    There is no chance of confusion: The next CM will be Mr.Oommen Channdy, if nothing will happen unpredictable!Because the congress party is already faced election campaign a step ahead since beginning especially because of Oommen Chandy's possibility of winning election and becoming CM this time.
    To an extent the CPM's many foul plays got negative impact on the people who always take their own action without inspiring on the political blindness.

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    The LDF, which has been dominating the political scenario in Kerala since many years, has made an all-out attempt to retain power through agressive poll campaigns led by their leader CM V S Ahuthanandan.

    However, the UDF seems to have attracted equally large crowds at their rallies, especially those where Antony and Rahul Gandhi have made appearances.

    With Oommen Chandy as their prime candidate for the post of CM, it is likely that the UDF will get a slight victory over the LDF.


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    Ofcourse a tight competition.At the end of this,now feedbacks are too exciting.The highest polling is noticed in Kozhykode district and then the Kannur district.

    And whatever be the feedback, the result will naturally support LDF.This is because of the dramatic incidents taking place in UDF and several other facts that highlights the achievements of LDF rule that people have seen during last 5 years.

    And it is sure,that all those achievements will make the situation supportive for LDF.

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    Hoping OOmen chandy will be next CM of kerela.

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    There is chance for, Dr. TM Thomas Issac may become the next CM of Kerala.

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    Hai friends,

    Am of the view that considering the past in elections, kerala has always selected the parties alternately. So am of the opinion that


    will be ruling the next 5 years and likely

    OOMEN CHANDY will be the CM

    With regards,


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    udf win the election kunchalikutty is the next minister because iuml jet more seat

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    I think Oomen chandi will be the next CM

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    We all are waiting for the results in the kerala niyamasabha election 2011.There is no doubt that UDF will win. Oomen chandy(Kunju)is now the senior leader of UDF after karunakaran.Ramesh chennithala ,he has a good experience in politics.But his talent is not upto the level to become a chief minister.LDF take the palmolein import case as their major weapon to hit oomen chandy into a big struggle.Kerala court allowed further investigations into the palmolein oil import case.Oomen chandy welcomes this decision.So whatever may be the barrier,UDF will win and oomen chandy(Kunjunju)will be our Chief minister.

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    Chief Minister V.S.Achyudananadan is the only one who has in it capable of arousing interest and enthusiasm among the people.All other leaders of both the U.D.F and L.D.F have lee cahnces.They all failed in attracting crowds in the recent Assembly election Campaign. Even Mr.A.K.Antony whom the U.D.F confided the strenuous job of detaining the V.S wave cut a sorry figure. What in fact do the youngsters for whom V.S has become an emotion expect from this strong old man? I think for them he is a replica of those brave invincible heroes who single-handedly fight ten or fifteen villains and make them flee for life in the big screen.Not only the youngsters but the common people as a whole believe that V.S.

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    I strongly feel that Oommen Chandy will win the elections and become the Chief Minister of Kerala.

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    I think there is a slight chance for udf to come back to the power strongly feel that Oommen Chandy will become the Chief Minister of Kerala and Ramesh chennithala will be the Home Minister .

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    hi frnds...
    I strongly feel that udf will rule our state for the next five years.we know it is the trend in our state-5 yrs for ldf&5 for udf.since udf comes to power Sri.Oommen Chandy wil be the Chief minister of kerala

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    I think this time the oppurtunity will be for any other member from LDF.And mostly the chance would go for Kodiyery Balakrishnan.He is too a capable leader who has a good level of caliber to lead the state.Anyways lets wait for the results of the recent election.Good luck for LDF from the entire supporters of Kerala.

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    LDF government is good for BPL families and god is with Sri V.S.Achuthanadan. So Achuthanandan will rul kerala the next five years.

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    Who ever become the CM has to be with changes in Kerala. Though LDF Govt has done many good things But i believe they were little slow. If smart city was implemented little earlier many people will got job earlier. So we need a CM who can change face of kerala Economy

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    Sure Oommen Chandy

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    Ommen Chandy is the right candidate at this point of time both politically and personally. He was the CM once before and that time he had shown the will power, new development ideas and he tried to make the position more popular and people friendly. So better give one more chance to him. I hope people of Kerala might have taken a decision in favour of this.

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    I think it is probably repeats the history again. UDF will won the election above 90 seats and they will create new asembly government and Mr. Umman Chandy will become the next Chief minister of Kerala.

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    Mr Channdy proved himself as a strong CM in the past. Let's hope for the best

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    It is quite obvious that UDF will come to the power.It never happens in Kerala history same party comes to the power continuesly. Arguement is that the excess presence of people in VS achuthanathans speech. It not because LDF's performance is satisfactory. poeple likes to here VS's mimicry. That will never turn into votes. If UDF comes to the power Oommen Chandy will be the automatic choice for the CM post

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    Hello Mr Khalid

    Its funny You said VS's mimicry, Your political views may be different from that of CPM, but its sad that you are talking like this on man who fought for his peoples freedom,

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    Hey folks there is no doubt that the next Cm will be our own chandiji after all its his turn to rule God's own country. We say kerala as God's own country but is it so really happening are the people happy might be some higher classes but the down trodders are still the same but much woster than before. As usual LDF or UDF there is no gain for common people like us, we just have sit & watch like a kingfisher poarchersn a fish in water

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    But Vs is a good CM

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    The month of May has turned out to be of great expectations and worries with all the results that have to come . Starting from the main and hottest one our state elections to the entrance and other examination results .
    the atmosphere of kerala has remained quite calm in general . But taking up the case of Kozhikode the district which contains the constituency bagging the frist prize for the highest participation of voters - Kuttiadi , is facing small violences day by day .
    localised incidents are coming out daily as a result of which there is a small chaos in this region . Moreover other issues are also disturbing the society .However there are not any serious problems .

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    Until about one month back before the elections in Kerala, It was a foregone conclusion that the UDF will come with thumping success. However many factors occurred during the last stage before the election. These factors will considerably affect the outcome of the results.

    The factors that contribute the possible upset for the UDF is the corruption issues at the center level and the huge adverse publicity it got from the medias especially the T V channels. Along with this the agitation of Anna Hazare with the R T I activists was a set back for the UDF as they were partners in UPA at the center.

    The comments of the Supreme Court on 3 occassions against the UPA Government is an added factor against the UDF.

    The issue of the appointment of the CVC and its adverse publicity is one more factor against the UDF.

    The last moment election gimmicks of the present Chief Minister has caught the imagination of a section of the Kerala Population. They are the revival of the Ice Cream Parlor case against Kunjalikutty, ex minister of UDF. The declaration of rice at Rs 2/- a kg and his statements as if he is the champion of poor and a crusader against corruption etc are attention catching of people who do not think much.

    His pretensions against the CPM party wing as a tormentor of him, his portraying himself as a martyr in the party have also helped to create a good image about him. The denial of ticket to him and the subsequent consent for his contesting in the election also is in his favour. The constituents of LDF were also for his continuing as the leader of LDF.

    In view of the above, V S Achuthanandan has the chance of becoming the next CM at least for some time of the next 5 years.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Sure Oommen Chandy

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    The chances of Oomen Chandy becoming the next cheif minister is quite high compared to V S Achuthanandan .

    But we should surely think about whether there would be any benefit for the common man , whoever is going to take up the next state cabinet . I do expect that the UDF will have to expand its front and take in many more petty political parties and independent candidates to fill up the vacancies to get a good majority . If that is the case then there is a good chance that the UPA I is going to repeat in Kerala . All the undeserving people will get minister posts , hampering the governments power and capability .

    It is the need of this state that capable and mature ministers come into the respective posts . The focus of the governments should be to improve the agricultural produce of the state and leaving the IT sector to the side ( which is already performing well , with a good export value ) and concentrate on creating self employment opportunities and relieving taxes .

    The government should not be much interested in bringing income to their coffers by selling alcoholic beverages . There are many other alternatives .

    Such a gvoernments which thinks more about the people will always survive . Otherwise it will just be a politrical blame game . This year UDF has more chances not because of its efficiency but because of the helpless mode taken by the VS government .


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    I think that will be OOmmen Chandy who makes it this time!!
    Election results in Kerala has become a vicious circle, if its Ldf this time, it will be Udf the next time...

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    I also think that Oommen chandy will be the next chiefminister of Kerala.
    After the 13 may 2011 we all will know about the result of election of

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    Hi all, I strongly disagree with the opinions expressed by most of the participants here.Now l.d.f is in a winning position and no one can write off them.I Prefer V.S to continue as the chief minister with a handful of portfolios this time.By any chance if u.d.f wins the elections we are going to watch the tug of war between the various groups in congress and also the pressure tactics exerted by the smaller
    parties.Chennithala contested this elections with clear plans in his mind.Anyhow I strongly believe V.S returns to power with the real power with him this time.

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    Our next chief minister will be Oommen Chandi

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