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    SEO Experts -Unique Award in SpiderKerala

    Dear Members,
    This time SpiderKerala is bringing out a unique award program which might not be seen in any of the websites till now. You must be knowing the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which plays a lead role in the success of each website. Search Engine Optimization is not a new word familiar to internet users. It decides how a webpage rank higher in search engines. Planning before preparing an article in the vital point to be kept I mind before posting an article here. Few of our smart members use their time to bring up articles which our visitors are eager to read. What these smart members do is that, they post according to the need of the site. So I wish all other members to rethink before posting an article.

    Its nice to see that the name Spiderkerala is being carried as a trade name not only in the minds of keralaites but also to millions of people across the globe. The daily readers are increasing day by day. It's a combined effort from the part of SpiderKerala administration along with our active members which brings us this success. At this time we like to honour those few members who play a vital role in bringing good unique articles accordingly. For the first time a unique award program is being arranged to encourage those members who play the key role in the success of SpiderKerala.

    Roshan Salim- There is not much explanation needed to introduce roshan for our members. He had been a part of SpiderKerala for quite a long time. Roshan has a unique talent to drive more readers to explore the sweetness of his articles. Many a time we too had astonished with the performance of roshan. Each an every article being penned by roshan has a magical power to attract readers to this site. So special congratulations for roshan to first ever award- SEO Expert of the Week. Roshan gets a special prize of Rs 100.

    Roshin.K.P- Yet another multi talented gift of SPiderKerala roshin, who brings up unique posts according to the need of the site. With in days of his entry to SpiderKerala, roshin had build up a space in the heart of the site administrators. Roshin has now brought himself to be called as a real SEO Expert. Roshin also plays a key role in bringing good visitors with his unique way of writing articles. Being enhanced with creative talent roshin is the proud of our site. So roshin grabs the special award SEO Expert of the Week. Roshin gets a special prize of Rs 100.

    Every week we like to honour one member each with this new award-SEO Expert. If new members have doubts regarding how to be a part of this award program feel free to write here. Our SEO Experts roshin & roshan will help you in regard to your quiries.
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    My hearty congrats to Roshan and Roshin for being the first two recipients of this unique award. Both deserving winners for sure!

    Wishing you both many more rewarding moments at SPK.

    Members should go through their articles to get an idea of how to optimize your posts to get traffic to your pages.


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    It is very good to hear by Webmaster about SEO Experts -Unique Award in SpiderKerala. A very congratulations to Mr.Roshan Salim and Mr.Roshin.K.P for getting this Unique Award in SpiderKerala. I have also read the articles written by Mr.Roshan Salim and Mr.Roshin.K.P. Really both members of SpiderKerala are very intelligent so they write very well and organised articles. I am also try to write in a very well manner. If both members have good tips to write well and organised Articles, then please share those unique thoughts with us.
    SEO Experts -Unique Award in SpiderKerala is also very good way to promote members. It is also a very good way to motivate to members. I wish for all members to get this opportunity and get good rewards.

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    Dear SPK Members,

    I am really Happy to recieve this Special Award. At first I am surprised when I saw my name in the award list. This is really a motivation to me. I am very thankful to Biju sir for this gift. It is only he and his guidance that is the real thing behind this success. When I joined here I didn't know any thing like any new member. I did several mistakes and I didn't get even a single rupee in the earning. Later I know the things and what is really happening here. Now I am very eager to post the latest news and trends here. In this occassion, I express my thanks to my SPK friends especially Roshan and Lijin. They also guide me in my journey. In SPK, now there are so many new members they can do great things.

    Dear Members, This SEO Expert award will be a real motivation to you. Every one can win this award with a little hard work. I am very happy in the sense that me and Roshan are the first winners. Next week, it may be you. To help the members, I am preparing an article which will contain tips and tricks while posting and for coming top in the search engine. Waiting for that.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hi Roshan and Roshin

    Hearty Congratulations to you!! You are doing a great work here!! All the best.


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    Hello Roshan Salim, Roshin K.P,


    Both of you have posted many useful quality articles with proper keywords. You have done a great job to bring SPK as one of the best regional site in India.


    Nadheera V

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    Hello members,

    Thanks for your wishes!! It is also great to hear this unique award from SPK. This will really be a good motivation for the members to post quality articles with good keywords. My hearty thanks to Biju Sir for introducing this award.

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

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    Spider must be appreciated for initiating a unique award and My hearty congrats to Roshan and Roshin for being the first two recipients of this unique award. These kinds of motivation will go a long way to promote this site and sustain the members to stay with this wonderful site. Hope other members will get inspiration from this.
    Every drop of water counts... And every word posted here also counts.....

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    Hearty congratulations to Roshan Salim and Roshin.K.P for their being recognised as good contibutors to and also for winning the prices for their respective acheivements.

    While I will try to emulate the examples of the above 2 members and the other membrs who are to be followed, I am also sure that other members like me will follow suit. This will further enhance the popularity of the websites of

    I am sure that within a short time, this web will be a comprehensive site like the wikipedia as far as Kerala matteers and matters of general importance are concerned.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Ramanathan Sir,

    Thanks for your wishes. As you said , you can also improve your posting here. You are very good in English and also having good knowledge about Kerala. Waiting for your real contribution.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    hey Hi!
    am a new frd to this site, so yet to know about other members but offen sees both You people name in online when ever am going through my articles. My hearthy congratulations may there be many more prizes in your ways.

    Dhanala Rajesh

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